2014 Junior Standing Team announced

The Junior Team Executive Steering Committee (JTESC) is thrilled to announce the U.S. Junior Standing Team for 2014! These young women and men will represent the USA at international competitions, and train at a high level for orienteering. They have each committed to 5 hours of physical training per week, at least half of which includes orienteering or navigation. They will participate in training camps and work directly with U.S. Junior Team Coach Erin Schirm, as well as local mentors.

Congratulations to all!

Young Women
Brigitte Bordelon, AOC
Evalin Brautigam, WCOC
Anna Breton, HVO
Elina Breton, HVO
Isabel Bryant, CSU
Addie Nolan, QOC
Melanie Sergiev, GMOC
Sholonda Snell, GAOC
Katrina Weinmann, COC
Anne Wilkinson, COC
Julia Zielczynska, HVO

Young Men
Zac Barker, DVOA
Addison Bosley, OCIN
Ethan Childs, GMOC
Austin Fowler, GAOC
Connor Frost, GAOC
Will Hubsch, LAOC
Michael Laraia, MNOC
Mathew Rogers, COC
Matej Sebo, BAOC
Hans Sitarz, USMAOC
Matt Stout, GAOC
Noah Van Gorder, GAOC

Note: The female squad has one open slot. We will be recruiting young women into this slot over the next few months, and we encourage clubs to identify promising young women interested in being on the team and having a coach to support their training. Applications are available on the Junior Standing Team page.

Guy Olsen

updated 2 May 2014