2014 U.S. Team to WUOC Announced

The 19th World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC 2014), will take place in Czech Republic, in the Olomouc region from August 12-16.

Congratulations to the following who were selected to the U.S. Team in late April at the Intercollegiate Championships (and Mason-Dixon Classic, hosted by DVOA):


Zach Schroeder, USMAOC
Nick Ives, USMAOC
Hans Sitarz, USMAOC
Jacob Grant, USMAOC
William Miller, USMAOC
Charles Whitaker, USMAOC
1st alt. James O'Keefe, USMAOC
2nd alt. Patrick Richardson, USMAOC
3rd alt. Nathan Ohrwaschel, DVOA


Alison Campbell, DVOA/EUOC (by petition)
Tori Borish, COC
McKenzie Hudgins, USMAOC
Rachel Wolfe, USMAOC

The team is training to prepare for the Championships in the awesome terrain of the Czech Republic.

Linda Kohn