Erin Schirm Named Director of Sport Development

Orienteering USA announces that it has named Erin Schirm as its new Director of Sport Development/Junior National Team Head Coach. Since 2012, Schirm has been employed by Orienteering USA (OUSA), serving primarily as the Junior National Team Head Coach.

"Erin has proven himself over the past few years in working with our juniors," said OUSA President Peter Goodwin. "It made sense that if we want to continue to grow orienteering, we needed to expand his role. We look forward to his, as well as our sport's, continued growth."

In his new position, Schirm will continue coaching our junior national team as well as manage the development of our regional teams. He will expand his responsibilities in working with our volunteers to develop a single, integrated teaching and coaching curriculum.

Schirm's position will continue to be financed by a donor, who is in the fourth year of supporting this program.

Schirm will report to OUSA Executive Director Glen Schorr as well as the OUSA Board of Directors, and will continue to work in partnership with the Junior Team Executive Steering Committee.

--Orienteering North America, September/October 2015

9 Oct 2015