2015 U.S. Team to JWOC announced

The JWOC Selection Committee is pleased to announce the athletes who have earned a spot to compete for the U.S. at the 2015 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) July 4–10, 2015, in Rauland, Norway.

To earn a spot on the team. athletes received scores based on a descending order list ordered by placing in the 2014-15 Junior Rankings, the Sprint, Middle, and Long races at the 2015 Flying Pig/U.S. Individual champs. Athletes could also earn two bonus points if they met a 3 kilometer running time standard, in accordance with the 2015 JWOC Team Selection Criteria. The four scores and the potential bonus were added to form a final score for each athlete. The Selection Committee has named six men and six women, plus two alternates for each team. Alternates will be asked to step in in cases where an athlete in the top six is injured or cannot compete for any reason.

The competition was very close this year for both the Men and Women’s teams with three ties in the scoring and 1.5 points separating four places in the women’s scoring. For the men’s team there was a tie for the first alternate spot. Based on the tie breaker rule in the selection criteria, head-to-head competition at NAOC 2014 was used to break the tie. A descending order list of JWOC candidates for 2015 was generated and the scoring was applied. By this method, Zack Lyons edged out Chase Thatcher as the first alternate.

The scores for the women’s team were very close. The selection committee received four petitions. Each petition was reviewed in accordance with the Team Petition Review Process, taking into consideration the circumstances of each athlete and their head-to-head performances at team trials. The committee determined that none of the petitions warranted adjustment of any scores. Even though the scoring results were very close, the team was selected solely on the basis of the scoring list computed from the athletes’ performances at Team Trials.

In the Middle race there was a tie in time between Julia Doubson and Tyra Christopherson. The Selection criteria did not have a designated method to assign points in cases of a tie in time. After some research, the selection committee decided to split the points in half giving each girl a score of 4.5 for the middle race.

Five women submitted 3km running times, all of which met the qualifying standard. Each of those candidates received two bonus points. No 3km times were submitted by men.

After tough competition, the athletes who earned a spot to compete in the 2015 JWOC and the alternates are:


Isabel Bryant, CSU and NEOC
Evalin Brautigam, WCOC
Julia Doubson, BAOC
Tyra Christopherson, COC
Amanda Johansson, OK Dacke
Melanie Sergiev, GMOC


Anna Breton, HVO (1st Alternate)
Elina Breton, HVO (2nd Alternate)

Matej Sebo, BAOC
Morten Jorgensen (A/L)
Will Hubsch, LAOC
Michael Laraia, MNOC
Austin Fowler, GAOC
Addison Bosley, OCIN


Zachary Lyons, ROC (1st Alternate)
Chase Thatcher,  DVOA (2nd Alternate)

The scoring spreadsheet computed in accordance with the 2015 JWOC Team Selection Criteria is included below. The Selection Committee would like to thank all athletes who tried out this year. We would like to encourage all athletes who did not make it this year to keep training hard.

A few notes from the committee looking ahead to next year:

  • All athletes should make sure to get a ranking score on M-20 or F-20 if they are planning to try out for the team.
  • The 3km bonus points can give you an edge when the scores are close.
  • Finally, the selection process focuses on head-to-head competition, top performances, and consistency. If an athlete is on the bubble, then having a 3km time, running three consistent races at team trials and getting a ranking score are very important.

Again, thank you to all the athletes for their efforts and congratulations to a strong JWOC Team. We look forward to seeing how the athletes compete this summer at the Junior World Orienteering Championships!

Here are the scores (click table for larger view):

Junior WOC Team Selection Committee:

  • Tom Strat (VP of Competition)
  • Erin Schirm (Junior National Coach)
  • Boris Granovskiy (in lieu of Junior Team Admin)

6 Apr 2015