Team USA Juniors Perform Well at JWOC 2015

Congratulations to our Team USA Juniors for their recent performance at JWOC in Norway! Many of our orienteers posted team and/or personal bests. While all of our orienteers did a great job and represented us well, special recognition goes to the following individuals who had the top USA finishes in each race.

* F20 - Tyra Christopherson (37th)
* M20 - Matej Sebo (93rd)

* F20 - Amanda Johansson (56th)
* M20 - Morten Jorgensen (47th)

* F20 - Isabel Bryant (49th)
* M20 - Morten Jorgensen (67th)

* F20 - Melanie Sergiev, Evalin Brautigam, Amanda Johansson (18th)
* M20 - Morten Jorgensen, Austin Fowler, Matej Sebo (22nd)

Many of our Juniors will continue racing and touring Europe for the next few weeks. Your OUSA dollars make it happen. Congratulations to coach Erin Schirm and the team on a job well done.

Glen Schorr
Executive Director
Orienteering USA

11 Jul 2015