2016 President's Award Recipients

This year’s President’s awards go to people who work at the local level but have all made large contributions at the national level. Over the years, these people have worked hard to make things work smoothly but often what they do is not easily seen because much of it is in the background. I will add, however, that over the years, I have had the help of many, many volunteers who have worked very hard to make orienteering better.

The first President’s Award goes to a person who served on the Board for 6 years and took on a thankless job, that of VP Finance. Yes, I twisted his arm but he accepted the position and attended every board meeting for the rest of his tenure to give sage advice about the status of the finances of OUSA. He always told it like it was and worked to find ways to make things right. His work with the budgets was always a difficult task but even with lots of other things going on in his life, he always did the job that he volunteered for. It is with pleasure that I give a President’s award to Lou Pataki.

The Second President’s Award goes to a person who has been probably my strongest supporter over the years I have been president. When things needed to be done, they got done. When I needed advice about how to approach a problem, she was a good sounding board for solving the problems and a calming influence at times, as well. If you understand the multitude of tasks that she does in a particular year, you understand how she has helped OUSA over the years. On a personal note, she also knows what beer I like and when there are 40 taps helps me decide which one I will like. The second president’s award goes to Donna Fluegel.

The Third President’s Award goes to a person who just does things, lots of them. Contributions are made at the national level and the local level. One thing I learned about this person, and it may be a lesson for all of us, is that you pick tasks that you know you can do well and avoid those which aren’t appealing. However, when she accepts a job, it is done completely and always gets an A+ on my grade card. She has helped me on tasks ranging from editing my writing to running websites and so many things in-between. She is another person who I could not have done without while being president. My last President’s award goes to Janet Tryson.

posted 20 Sept 2016