2016 Silva Award Winner, Barbara Bryant

The Silva Award recognizes a person who has made a huge contribution to orienteering in the United States. Clubs make nominations and then the Executive Committee votes to make the award. This year, the award is given to a person who has been (and I am sure will continue to be) a driving force in the development and growth of Orienteering in the United States. Doing well in short and long orienteering events is what she does “in the woods” but the energy put into organizing educational and training activities is boundless. Whether it is teaching the sport to fifth graders or working on making events happen for juniors or the entire orienteering community, this person is always in the center of the action.

Often, when someone is doing “new” things, it is a lonely position with not enough help from others. However, when these “new” things start to gain traction, others start to help and make them even better. However, without the initial idea and the energy and perseverance to work on making it happen, the ideas wouldn’t get off the ground. This person also has worked tirelessly with the junior program over the years and it has been amazing how she keeps all the balls in the air and makes it look easy. This year, the Silva Award goes to Barb Bryant.

posted 20 Sept 2016