2016 Annual General Meeting Voting Procedure

Information on Voting for Directors at the 2016 AGM

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee is made up of three people, Donna Fluegel (chair), Janet Tryson and Glen Tryson.

Note:  Because Donna Fluegel is up for election, she will not be part of the vote counting.

Checking In and Voting

  1. All delegates for a given club (including individuals voting independently from their club) must come up to the Credentials Committee table as a group. Repeat: Anyone who wants to vote independently from his/her club, must check in with his/her primary club or the proxy club.
  2. Once the delegates from a club have been checked in, no changes can be made for the distribution of ballots to that club.
  3. Each member club has a number of votes corresponding to the number of members of the club (Family membership = two members) registered with the Federation as Regular Members in good standing as of the end of the second calendar month preceding the general meeting, in this case, the end of July 2016.
  4. When the delegates arrive at the table, any individual voting independently (who has that club as his or her primary club) will get a ballot, and the number of members that the club votes will be reduced by one (or two if the membership is a family and two family members are in attendance).  The remaining votes will be divided between the club delegates present if applicable. The credentials committee will adhere to the wishes of the clubs and proxies with regard to voting.
  5. As stated on the proxy form, if a club has submitted a proxy and a primary club member shows up at the AGM, the club member is entitled to become the delegate for the club if he/she chooses, in which case the club proxy will be invalid.
  6. If club XYZ has given a proxy to a member-at-large or club ABC, then the person with the proxy goes through the same process as outlined in steps 1, 2 and 3. If there is some individual who is a member of club XYZ who wants to vote independently, the number of members in the proxy vote would be reduced by one (or two if the membership is a family and two family members are in attendance).
  7. Once you have your ballot, whether you are voting for yourself or voting for a club, you will then take your ballot into the room but do not mark it until you are told to do so. (This is because there may be nominations from the floor.)
  8. Once you are told to vote, vote according to the rules:
    1. Because there are 5 open seats, the total number of votes equals 5 times the number of members listed at the top of your ballot.
    2. You cannot cast more votes than the number at the top of your ballot for any one candidate.
    3. If for some reason you don’t want to use all your votes, that is your decision.

Check your math. If your total vote count is more than 5 x the number at the top of your ballot or you cast more votes for one candidate than the number at the top of your ballot, your ballot will be voided.

These instructions and a sample ballot may be viewed/downloaded here.

posted 3 Sept 2016