2016 US Team to JWOC announced

After a great weekend of racing at West Point, the JWOC Team Selection Committee is pleased to announce this year’s JWOC team. The scoring lists show the scores from all the trials races and the descending order list of the team selected based on all the scores and petitions.

> 2016 Scoring Lists

During the races we received petitions from Melanie for the Middle and Anton for the Sprint for picking up the wrong map. After looking into the situation it was the committee’s decision to award them a place based on their time on the course they ran. Rather than penalize the rest of the field they were given points based on the place they ended up in, but no one on the list was moved down.

Five accepted long-term petitions were reviewed; the committee’s decision was to not make any changes for Michael, Amanda, and Anton for lack of ranking petitions because they made the team based on performance. From the petitions of Asne and Zach for missing the trials, the committee decided to place them in their spots based on their orienteering results, head-to-head comparison with athletes in the trials races, 3K time, racing performance, and evidence of training over the last 6–12 months.

On the women's side there was a tie for 6th place. Based on the tie-breaker system in the selection process we used the first option head-to-head comparison including the trials races and races over the past year. Isabel was named the 6th athlete to the team with a 4–2 record in the tie-breaker and Siri was named first alternate.

The Selection committee would like to acknowledge everyone who came to try out this year and applaud them for their hard work and commitment to the sport. We would like to thank West Point for hosting the trials this year and for all their hard work around the event. If you have any questions, please direct them to Erin Schirm and he will forward them to the rest of the selection committee. We look forward to seeing the team compete starting July 10th in Switzerland!

The JWOC Team Selection Committee
Tom Strat, Boris Granovskiy, Erin Schirm

The athletes and alternates who earned a spot to compete in the 2016 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland are:


Amanda Johansson, OK Dacke
Julia Doubson, BAOC
Evalin Brautigam, WCOC
Tyra Christopherson, COC
Isabel Bryant, CSU and NEOC
Åsne Skram Trømborg, Kongsberg o-lag


Siri Christopherson, COC (1st alternate)

Martin Heir, OSL
Michael Laraia, MNOC
Anton Salmenkyla, Helsingin Suunistajat
Thomas Laraia, MNOC
Peter Zakrevski, HVO
Austin Fowler, GAOC


Will Hubsch, LAOC (1st alternate)
Zachary Lyons, ROC (2nd alternate)

Men, left to right: Will Hubsch, Austin Fowler, Peter Zakrevski, Thomas Laraia, Anton Salmenkyla,
Michael Laraia, Martin Heir

Women, left to right: Siri Christopherson, Isabel Bryant, Tyra Christopherson, Evalin Brautigam,
Julia Doubson, Amanda Johansson
(not pictured: Åsne Skram Trømborg)
(photo: J. Tryson; click image for larger view)


posted 26 April 2016