2016 US Team to WUOC announced

After much discussion between our college students and the ESC we have a WUOC Team that is preparing to go to Hungary at the end of July.

Women (in alphabetical order)
Tori Borish, COC
Evalin Brautigan, WCOC
Isabel Bryant, CSU, NEOC
Alison Campbell, DVOA, EUOC (Scotland)
Giacomo Barbone, CSU, O'Jaro (France)
George Grindley, USMAOC
Samuel Jones, USMAOC
Michael Laraia, MNOC
Will Whitaker, USMAOC
The event will start on Sun. July 31st with the Sprint, followed by Mon. morning Long, Tue. afternoon Sprint Mixed Relay, Wed. morning Middle and Thu. morning Relay. Check posts on Facebook to meet the Team. We'll have posts on Attackpoint to follow along during the event.
We have raised approximately $1,400 through spring fundraisers but team members can use all the help they can get. Please consider a donation to support their efforts. Thanks!
Linda Kohn
updated May 12, 2016
(orignal announcement is below)

Congratulations to the following university students who have been selected to represent OUSA at the World University O Championships. The event will be held in Miskolc, Hungary on July 30 – August 4.
Rachael Wolfe (USMAOC) 
Tori Borish (COC) 
Alison Campbell (DVOA, EUOC - Scotland) 
Isabel Bryant (CSU) 
Evalin Brautigam (WCOC) 1st alt. 
Austin Fowler (GAOC) 
Nicholas Ives (USMAOC) 
Giacomo Barbone (CSU, O'Jaro - France) 
Michael Laraia (MNOC) 
Selection was based upon results from the Intercollegiate O Champs held at the Flying Pig held in April, and from petitions.
Linda Kohn
announced 10 April 2016
posted 9 May 2016