2017 Silva Award Winner, Bill Gookin

Bill Gookin, San Diego Orienteering Club

One of the fundamental reasons for the success of orienteering in Southern California is the tireless work that Bill Gookin has contributed over many years. As one of the founders of orienteering in the area, he helped to found the clubs and established high-level orienteering events that now bring the joy of orienteering to so many people. To this day, orienteering clubs have access to some parks only because of the relationships Bill cultivated with the governing authorities. Bill has always emphasized training for beginners, and in recent years his focus has shifted almost exclusively to developing the next generation of orienteers. Many orienteers have learned a great deal about course design and setting from Bill, and his influence can be felt in the events throughout the region and even nationally. The seeds of orienteering that Bill worked so hard to plant over many years have begun to sprout to the benefit of orienteering in the United States.

posted 8 October 2017