"Free" National Events for Clubs

As part of a larger package updating the way we run our National Events, the Orienteering USA Board has voted to allow every club one "free" National Event each year. The intent is to provide a wider selection of ranked events and expose more people to the Orienteering USA event format, without increasing the burden on hosting clubs.

This process is intended especially to help juniors in regions of the country that do not typically have a large number of sanctioned National Events, and who struggle to get enough ranked races to compete for the National Team. It is presumed that each interested club will take one day of an existing local event and apply for sanctioning to make it a ranked National Event, with minimal oversight from the Sanctioning Committee.

This is a  work in progress, so I'd welcome constructive criticism to make this program even better. Please contact VP of Competition, Alex Jospe, with any questions.

The actual wording that was approved by the Board:

    Award each club a single day sanctioned event once per year, with no sanctioning fees for OUSA members.

The intention is that all sanctioned events go into the same ranking system. The purpose of these Orienteering USA Ranking Events is to set expectations for competitors. We want to capitalize on existing high-quality local events that clubs are already staging, and allow competitors at those events to get a ranking from that event. The benefits of this change include developing a more robust ranking base across all regions, allowing clubs to be part of the national ranking system without additional burden, and exposing more people to Orienteering USA. The differentiation between these OUSA Ranking Events and National Ranking Events is meant to indicate the draw of the event, where event production is more in line with what is expected at a local event.

This free day is not intended to replace a day that would already be sanctioned (such as one day of a two-day National Ranking Event), but to allow clubs to sanction existing high-quality events they’re already hosting. The restriction is to be enforced via the sanctioning oversight process. Non-Orienteering USA members will still have to pay the non-member surcharge. As these "free" events are intended to expose more people to the concept of national events, we want to provide a reason for becoming Orienteering USA members.

posted 19 Oct 2017