2017 Board of Directors Elections - Five Candidates for Five Seats

UPDATED 12 September 2017

 The 2017 OUSA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Humphrey Nature Center in Letchworth State Park, Castile, NY. The AGM is being held in conjunction with the Falls Classic National Event hosted by Rochester Orienteering Club.  The meeting will begin at 4:00 p.m., and club delegate check-in will start at 3:00 p.m., also in the nature center.

A reminder that ROC is hosting a picnic at the event site with food that you can pre-order and purchase with your registration, and some games. So hang around after you are done running, have some food, play some games, and then come to the AGM, a short 15-minute drive away.

As always, there are four Board members whose terms are ending this year:  Tom Strat, Charlie Bleau, Lee Todd, and Kris Beecroft. In addition, Boris Granovskiy is stepping down from the board, opening up a two-year seat. Therefore, there are now 5 Board seats available — 4 for 3-year terms and 1 for a 2-year term. Because of this change, the four people receiving the most votes will get 3-year terms. The person with the fifth largest number of votes will get the 2-year term to finish out Boris’ position. In preparation for the AGM, please review the Voting Guidelines and *sample* ballot below the candidate statements.

There are five candidates running for these five seats, and their statements are included below.

In addition, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the candidates on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 7:00 p.m. EDT. This will be via conference call and will last for one hour. If you have anything you would like to ask, please plan on joining this call. You can go to the URL listed below and use your computer for audio or call in on the optional dial in number and use your phone for audio.

Join the call: https://www.uberconference.com/krisbeecroft
Optional dial in number: 540-788-2990
No PIN needed


Bill Jameson

I have been orienteering since 1975, when I started in ROTC in college. I was a member of NEOC for a few years when I lived in Massachusetts and directed the first Trans-Atlantic Cup event there. Moved to northern NY in 1987 and I was a co-founder of the Empire Orienteering Club.  I have directed some National events in both foot and ski Orienteering, and I was a member and the head of the US Orienteering Team for a few years. I ran in two World Cup races for the US in 1987.  I moved to South Carolina last year, and am assisting their mapping efforts locally, and pushing them to do another National Event.

I want to continue to grow the sport in the US, by focusing on Scout, JROTC and ROTC units, so that people get started in the sport while they are young.  I have worked with local Scout and JROTC units here in the Southeast, and am working on making a map of one large Scout camp.

I would also like to encourage the use of OCAD training and fieldwork training among clubs so that more maps can be developed and new clubs can get established.

I also have a strong interest in encouraging orienteering in the Army Reserve, National Guard and Active military units.

Clare Durand

Past and present accomplishments in orienteering include:

  •     Club leadership: Los Angeles Orienteering Club
  •     Federation leadership: President (2007 – 2011), Vice President/Competition, and Regional Representative
  •     Chair of rules committee; led extensive rewrite and ongoing renovations to OUSA competition rules
  •     Member of the National Trail Orienteering Team and Team ESC chair. Have represented OUSA at six different WTOCs
  •     Former delegation head at IOF Congress
  •     Active foot orienteer and current age class Middle and Long Champion
  •     OUSA Girl Scout Liaison

In my position as rules committee chair, I follow the work of the sanctioning committee and the board to answer rules-related questions and offer advice related to the rules.

A few years ago I stepped down from the board to focus more time on my family, work, and other interests. Since then, I have retired and am much more strongly focused on orienteering, working for LAOC as permanent Event Director. At the local level I not only coordinate permits and events, but have mentored and trained course setters, run an annual training camp, and administer the local youth league. I have been asked to rejoin the OUSA board every year since I left, but waited until I knew that I was ready to give it the necessary level of commitment. I bring important institutional memory and experience to the board while continuing to strive for constant improvement in how we operate.

Kris Beecroft

I am currently a member of the Board of Directors, originally elected in 2014. I was elected President of OUSA by the Board of Directors in 2016. My primary goal for this past year was to ensure OUSA’s finances were clarified and brought under control so orienteering in the U.S. could remain viable for many years. With the help of the Finance Committee, the VP of Finance, Pat Meehan, and other members of the Board, we successfully achieved this goal, although it meant having to eliminate the Executive Director position.  As we enter this next year, if I am re-elected to the Board, I would like to concentrate on expanding the number of people who participate in orienteering in the U.S., primarily through encouraging more youth to join our sport. I would like to create a VP of Youth Development position which would tie together all of the youth-focused committees and activities that are happening today. This would enable OUSA to have one voice out to the various youth-focused groups: Scouts, Jr. ROTC, various orienteering leagues, adventure running-type programs just getting started, etc. And, oftentimes, when attracting these youth to our sport, we also get their parents, coaches, and other supporters who volunteer at our events. I would also like to work on enhancing our marketing efforts, through both off-line and on-line activities.

Lee Todd

I have been involved with Orienteering for many years in New England, Colorado, and now with the Quantico Orienteering Club for the past 28 years as a recreational competitor.  My background in sports include former U.S. Ski and Snowboard Nordic Program Director, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Board of Directors member, former representative to the International Ski Federation (FIS), 25 years of sports programming and development for Special Olympics International, presently a member of the board of U.S. Nordic Sports, member and secretary for the USOC Multi-Sports Organization Committee, and board member of OUSA.

My focus as a Board member is to provide support for the overall expansion and development of the sport of Orienteering utilizing my life-long work in sports management and my many years of governance involvement with both National and International Sports Governing Bodies and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

  •     Focus on links with U.S. National Governing Bodies
  •     Expand relationships with USOC
  •     Increase relationships and athlete memberships with other U.S. multi-sports organizations

Nathan Ohrwaschel

I have been orienteering as a member of DVOA for 10 years now, during which I have been both a competitor and an organizer within the orienteering community. I would like to join the OUSA Board to help grow and develop the sport of orienteering in the United States.  I want to give back and contribute to the community of orienteers who have supported me and helped me with all the life-changing experiences that orienteering has brought me.  I also believe that my contributions to the Board will not only further the sport but also bring youth and creativity to OUSA.

I would like to see OUSA accomplish the following goals:

    1.     Expand youth programs across the United States.  Every club has a different way of going about their youth program but there need to be proven methods applied to all clubs that will provide stability and results.  I would like to be part of a group at OUSA that evaluates different approaches and communicates best practices to clubs.

    2.     Find young and new volunteers within the orienteering community.  Encouragement and mentoring of new event directors and course setters is key to the future of quality events and courses.  Our youth has the potential to change the landscape of orienteering with their creative course design.  I was recruited to help design courses and direct events at DVOA, and would like to be part of an effort to encourage this kind of recruitment in all OUSA clubs.

    3.     Create an educational mapping program that is easy to learn and can be easily implemented within local clubs.

    4.     Develop the use of GIS as a tool to assist in the development of orienteering.  The development of GIS data can then be analyzed and used as a marketing and planning tool. GIS can also be applied towards mapping, course setting, and event planning.  The creation of GIS applications for the community could provide some strong benefits to our clubs.  I studied GIS at college and work for Here Technologies developing a global digital road maps for navigational devices such as Garmin GPS units, and would like to contribute on the technology side to OUSA.


Information on Voting for Directors at the 2017 AGM

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee is made up of three people: Kris Beecroft, Janet Tryson and Glen Tryson

Note: Because Kris Beecroft is up for election; she will not be part of the vote counting.

Checking In and Voting

1.    All delegates for a given club (including individuals voting independently from their club) must come up to the Credentials Committee table as a group. Repeat: Anyone who wants to vote independently from his/her club must check in with his/her primary club or the proxy club.

2.    Once the delegates from a club have been checked in, no changes can be made for the distribution of ballots to that club.

3.    Each member club has a number of votes corresponding to the number of members of the club (Family membership—two members) registered with the Federation as Regular Members in good standing as of the end of the second calendar month preceding the general meeting, in this case, the end of July 2017.

4.    When the delegates arrive at the table, any individual voting independently (who has that club as his or her primary club) will get a ballot, and the number of club votes will be reduced by one (or two if the membership is a family and two family members are in attendance). The remaining votes will be divided between the club delegates present if applicable. The credentials committee will adhere to the wishes of the clubs and proxies with regard to voting.

5.    As stated on the proxy form, if a club has submitted a proxy and a primary club member shows up at the AGM, the club member is entitled to become the delegate for the club if he/she chooses, in which case the club proxy will be invalid.

6.    If club XYZ has given a proxy to a member-at-large or club ABC, then the person with the proxy goes through the same process as outlined in steps 1, 2 and 3. If there is some individual who is a member of club XYZ who wants to vote independently (and not for the club, as per step 5), the proxy vote would be reduced by one (or two if the membership is a family and two family members are in attendance).

7.    Once you have your ballot, whether you are voting for yourself or voting for a club, you will then take your ballot into the room but do not mark it until you are told to do so. (This is because there may be nominations from the floor.)

8.    Once you are told to vote, vote according to the rules:

  1.     Because there are 5 open seats, the total number of votes equals 5 times the number listed at the top of your ballot.
  2.     You cannot cast more votes than the number at the top of your ballot for any one candidate.
  3.     If for some reason you don’t want to use all your votes that is your decision.

Check your math. If your total vote count is more than 5 x the number at the top of your ballot or you cast more votes for one candidate than the number at the top of your ballot, your ballot will be voided.

A sample ballot is shown below, similar to the ballot you will see at the AGM.

*SAMPLE* 2017 Ballot for OUSA Board Positions

Club ______________________

Number of Votes ________

  • Please do not complete your ballot until asked to do so because there may be nominations from the floor.
  • Nominations from the floor require prior approval of the nominee. Write the name(s) below.
  • There are five (5) open positions. Four terms are for 3 years. One term is for 2 years.
  • The four people receiving the most votes get 3-year terms. The person with the fifth largest number of votes gets a 2-year term.
  • The number written at the top of this ballot indicates the number of votes you represent.
  • Because there are 5 open seats, the total number of votes available equals 5 times the number of votes listed at the top of your ballot.
  • You may allocate your number of votes (5 x the number at the top of the page) however you choose, but the maximum number of votes for one candidate may not exceed the number at the top of the page.
  • Double-check your math to make sure your total number of votes does not exceed 5 x the number at the top of the page AND that your maximum number of votes for one candidate does not exceed the number at the top of the page. If the ballot is not filled out correctly, the ballot will be made void.
Candidate               Club       Number of Votes

KRIS BEECROFT           QOC        _____________
CLARE DURAND            LAOC       _____________
BILL JAMESON            COK        _____________
NATHAN OHRWASCHEL       DVOA       _____________
LEE TODD                QOC        _____________

Write in candidate(s):
________________________________    _____________
________________________________    _____________
________________________________    _____________

posted 10 Sept 2017
updated 12 Sept 2017