2017 - Introducing the Newest Board Members

If you have any ideas or concerns for the Board to address, contact one of the new Board members, or any of the current Board members. Their contact information is given on the Board of Directors page.

Clare Durand, LAOC

I started orienteering in 1985 while living in New England. Subsequently I spent time in BOK and QOC territory before relocating back to the Los Angeles area where I grew up. I've served as President both of LAOC and OUSA, and done a lot of course setting, meet directing and competing. For one brief shining year, I was named to the National "C" Team.

I currently serve as Rules Committee chair and chair of the Trail Orienteering ESC. I have competed internationally for the U.S. at six WTOCs. 2015 Silva Awardee. 2017-age class champion in Middle and Long formats. I've also worked a lot with Juniors including serving as OUSA/Girl Scouts liaison and running the LAOC annual youth meet and youth league.

William Jameson, COK

I have been orienteering since 1975, when I started in ROTC in college. I was a member of NEOC for a few years when I lived in Massachusetts and directed the first Trans-Atlantic Cup event there. Moved to northern NY in 1987 and I was a co-founder of the Empire Orienteering Club.  I have directed some National events in both foot and ski Orienteering, and I was a member and the head of the U.S. Orienteering Team for a few years. I ran in two World Cup races for the U.S. in 1987.  I moved to South Carolina last year, and am assisting their mapping efforts locally, and pushing them to do another National Event.

I want to continue to grow the sport in the U.S. by focusing on Scout, JROTC and ROTC units so that people get started in the sport while they are young.  I have worked with local Scout and JROTC units here in the Southeast, and am working on making a map of one large Scout camp.

I would also like to encourage the use of OCAD training and fieldwork training among clubs so that more maps can be developed and new clubs can get established.

I also have a strong interest in encouraging orienteering in the Army Reserve, National Guard and Active military units.

Nathan Ohrwaschel, DVOA

I started orienteering in 2007 as boy scout and became a member of DVOA that same year.  I progressively got better at the sport of orienteering and qualified for the USA JWOC team in 2012 and 2013.  After JWOC, my focus moved toward my education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I studied Geography with a concentration in GIS.  While I was in college, I was able to help my club by setting courses in the summer during my breaks.  I have also been setting courses and volunteering at local meets since 2011.  Recently DVOA, Sandy Fillebrown, and I organized an 8-week summer sprint series which was successful and will be another summer highlight for DVOA in 2018.

posted 28 September 2017