2017 US Team to JWOC Announced

The JWOC selections committee of Erin Schirm, Alex Jospe, and Greg Balter is pleased to announce the the junior athletes who will be representing the USA at the Junior World Orienteering Championships July 9-16 in Tampere, Finland.

The 2017 JWOC Scoring List is at this link (pdf). Here are a few notes about the list:

  1. JNT eligibility: Sarah Petersen was moved up to JNT by a JTESC vote in early April, so she became eligible for the 100 points for being on JNT.
  2. Petitions for lack of ranking score. The Selections Committee received three petitions for lack of ranking score. These petitions became unnecessary due to the individual athletes' performances at team trials.
  3. The Committee received two petitions for missing the trials. The first was from Aidan Minto which was accepted. After looking at all the factors, the selections committee decided to moved Aidan up one spot into 7th position and first alternate spot. The second petition from Brigitte Bordelon was also accepted and she was moved up one spot on the scoring list to 7th position and first alternate.
  4. There was a tie in the men's sprint between David Runde and Turner Leigh. We took the average of the points for 5th and 6th place and awarded that number to each of them. The next athlete on the list received points for 7th place.

And here is the Team:


Isabel Bryant, CSU/NEOC
Tyra Christopherson, COC
Julia Doubson, BAOC
Siri Christopherson, COC
Caroline Sanbo, COC
Katie Petersen, BAOC

First Alternate: Brigitte Bordelon, USMAOC (by petition)


Martin Heir, OSL
Peter Zakrevski, HVO
David Runde, Kristiansande
Anton Salmenkyla, Helsingin Suunistajat
Thomas Laraia, MNOC
AJ Riley, DVOA

First Alternate: Aidan Minto, ICO (by petition)

Finally we would like to give a big thanks to MNOC for hosting team trials. It was a well-organized weekend with great courses and fun terrain! Thanks for making the meet happen! If you have questions about selection please contact Erin Schirm.

Go USA!!

posted 1 May 2017