U.S. Team to 2017 WMTBOC Named

The MTBO Selection Committee is pleased to announce the Team that will be representing the USA at the 15th World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships (WMTBOC) in Vilnius, Lithuania this August 19–27. The Team members are:

Rachel Furman, IRVOC
Sue Grandjean, CROC
Abra McNair, CROC
Dave Swanson, MNOC

All competitors are veterans of past MTBO international teams.

To supplement the partial support for competition and travel expenses provided by Orienteering USA, we hope that the United States orienteering community will support the Team by following our progress and through donations. Equally important to the development of mountain bike orienteering in the U.S. is club support for local MTBO events, and our Team members look forward to working with clubs of all sizes to bring these about.

The Team will be posting updates in a variety of forums, including the MTBO Team Facebook and Instagram pages. The team will also post a full write-up for the OUSA newsletter and/or magazine.  Thank you for your past and continued support!

2017 MTBO Team USA
Sue Grandjean, Greg Lennon, Dave Swanson, OUSA MTBO Selection Committee

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