U.S. Team Headed to 2017 World Military Championships

Congratulations and good luck to the following U.S. Armed Forces athletes selected to represent the USA in Finland at the World Military Orienteering Championships from June 10-16, held as part of the Conseil Internationale du Sport Militaire:


  • Joe Burkhead, RMOC
  • Kevin Culberg, QOC
  • Teddy Fong, USMAOC
  • Jordan Laughlin, ROC
  • Hans Sitarz, USMAOC


  • Maiya Anderson, RMOC
  • Hannah Culberg, QOC
  • Virginia DeBons, QOC
  • McKenzie Hudgins, USMAOC

The competition includes Middle, Long, and Forest Relay. In addition to competing for individual honors, the top 4 men and top 3 women's times in the Middle and the Long count towards the overall men's and women's team scores.

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posted 6 June 2017