2018 U.S. Team to JWOC Announced in California

The U.S. Junior Team Trials were held March 23-25, 2018, in conjunction with the California Orienteering Week events in the Sacramento area.

After tough deliberation and consideration of all the petitions, the selections committee is pleased to announce the team that will represent the U.S. at the Junior World orienteering championships in Hungary this summer. We want to thank everyone including the meet organizers, parents and supporters and especially the juniors. Go USA! It starts at home!


Julia Doubson, BAOC
Siri Christopherson, COC
Tyra Christopherson, COC
Brigitte Bordelon, USMAOC
Caroline Sandbo, COC,
Diana Aleksieva, QOC

Alternate 1: Sarah Petersen, BAOC
Alternate 2: Katie Petersen, BAOC


Aidan Minto, ICO
David Runde, MNOC
Peter Zakrevski, HVO
Martin Heir (by petition) (Fossum IF-Norway)
Thomas Laraia, MNOC
AJ Riley, DVOA (by tie break of head to head data)

Alternate 1: Turner Leigh, QOC
Alternate 2: Keegan Harkavy, NEOC
Alternate 3: Kai Mihata, COC

(Note: The banner photo above is of the 2017 U.S. JWOC Team, most of whose members return in 2018)

announced 25 March / posted 28 March 2018