October 2017

2017 Annual Fundraising Campaign

As we approach our main fundraising campaign of the year, I first wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has ever given money to OUSA. We are largely a self-funded sport, and without your generosity, we would certainly not have as robust of a sport as we have today…and certainly not quite as much fun!

"Free" National Events for Clubs

As part of a larger package updating the way we run our National Events, the Orienteering USA Board has voted to allow every club one "free" National Event each year. The intent is to provide a wider selection of ranked events and expose more people to the Orienteering USA event format, without increasing the burden on hosting clubs.

2017 President's Award Recipients


Greg has been a member of OUSA’s Board of Directors for the past 11 years, 8 of them as a VP. He has worked tiressly to advance the technical capabilities of OUSA, including managing the OUSA website, payment systems, servers, domains, online membership database, and much more. You have Greg to thank for the ability to pay your dues on-line. He has also volunteered these talents, and much more, to his local club, Quantico Orienteering Club. Greg, together with his wife, Kathleen, have truly helped to make QOC the powerful club it is today.

2017 Silva Award Winner, Bill Gookin

Bill Gookin, San Diego Orienteering Club

One of the fundamental reasons for the success of orienteering in Southern California is the tireless work that Bill Gookin has contributed over many years. As one of the founders of orienteering in the area, he helped to found the clubs and established high-level orienteering events that now bring the joy of orienteering to so many people. To this day, orienteering clubs have access to some parks only because of the relationships Bill cultivated with the governing authorities.