Bringing International Volunteers to U.S. Orienteering Clubs

A great way to expand our clubs’ education mission is to host volunteer coaches from another country. This can be a valuable experience for the visitors, too. They can practice their English, experience our great orienteering maps and terrain, make American friends, and contribute to the growth of orienteering in the USA.

"Free" National Events for Clubs

As part of a larger package updating the way we run our National Events, the Orienteering USA Board has voted to allow every club one "free" National Event each year. The intent is to provide a wider selection of ranked events and expose more people to the Orienteering USA event format, without increasing the burden on hosting clubs.

Inaugural Club Championship Held at 2014 U.S. Individual Champs in Rochester, NY

To encourage participation at the Individual Championships for 2014, ROC member Tyler Borden suggested initiating a Club Championship for small, medium, and large clubs across the country, with points awarded for the top 7 places in each of the events (Sprint, Middle, and Long distance races). Clubs were divided into classes based on the number of club members reported to Orienteering USA at the beginning of the year, with AAA clubs having over 100 members; AA clubs having 50-99; and A clubs with fewer than 50 club members.

Insurance Coverage of Clubs - update

April 14, 2013
TO:        Member Clubs of Orienteering USA
FROM:    Peter Goodwin

Representatives of Member Clubs: