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Orienteering North America - back issues Orienteering North America magazine, covering map and compass sports in the U.S. and Canada, is included with your membership in Orienteering USA. It is also available by direct subscription.

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Note: Back issues are available, both in print (for some issues) and as an online library for older issues (1984-99).

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Subscribe directly to Orienteering North America (ONA), the only magazine covering orienteering and other map and compass sports in the U.S. and Canada. ONA offers advice on training, nutrition, and sports medicine, coverage of major events, a comprehensive calendar of local and national (formerly referred to as "A") events, and much more.

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  • BY MAIL: To subscribe by mail, send check or money order (in U.S. dollars, on a U.S. bank -- the U.S. bank address must appear on the check or money order) to: Donna Fluegel, ONA, 5 Kingswood Drive, Bethel, CT 06801. Also, send an e-mail to fluegeldonna AT sbcglobal.net so your name can be added to the mailing list immediately.

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Back Issues

Berman-era (1984-June 1999) issues available online

Back issues of Orienteering North America (ONA) from 1984 - 1999 are now available online. The collection consists of all 140 issues published by, and made available courtesy of, Larry and Sara Mae Berman. We hope to add additional ONA issues in the future. 

There are several ways to access the collection. A "bookcase" view is available at URL:

Take a look at the "Start Here" issue (the first one shown in the upper left of the bookcase) for details about the collection and tips on using it.


To share individual issues:  While viewing an issue, click the "Share" icon (image examples) to share an issue (and then either copy the URL or choose one of the social media icons).

To link to a specific page in an issue: Copy the URL and add     /#p=X     to the issue URL, where X is the page number. The best place to see the correct page number for the URL is at the bottom of the screen, since that's the page number as scanned and as being veiwed; it is not the page number as printed in the magazine.

Enjoy browsing a bit of our history!

Greg Lennon, VP Clubs

added 31 Dec 2016

Back Issues of Orienteering North America available in print

We have quite a few back issues left over and are offering them to Orienteering USA members, ONA direct subscribers and friends of OUSA for the cost of postage. Rather than collecting dust in the ONA office, we feel they should be out there being read. So for a limited time only, you can get any issue(s) we have of the magazine (back to 2000). You can pay by check ($2.75 per copy — Donna Fluegel, 5 Kingswood Dr., Bethel, CT 06801; be sure to include your mailing address) or via PayPal ($3 — see request line and button below). Donna will mail them to you when she receives your payment.

If you'd like a large number of back issues, please contact Donna Fluegel (fluegeldonna AT sbcglobal DOT net) for pricing.

Which issue would you like?

ONA Digital (online) 2011-14


Advertising and Copy Submission

2018 Advertising Information for all orienteering clubs

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Full page7.55 x 8.87$119$229
1/2 page horizontal7.55 x 4.43$65$140
1/2 page vertical3.77 x 8.87
1/3 page horizontal7.55 x 2.94$50$110
1/3 page vertical2.50 x 8.87
1/3 page box4.99 x 4.43
1/4 page horizontal7.55 x 2.21$40$88
1/4 page vertical1.88 x 8.87
1/6 page2.42 x 4.43$30$85


2018 Copy/Ad Deadlines


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SummerJuly 1
Special Teams IssueSeptember 1



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January 3

File Submission Specifications

  • Option 1 — If you have a simple layout, with no logos or art or pictures, just send the Word or Works document via e-mail to the address above.
  • Option 2 — If the ad is more detailed and has high resolution artwork, and you have created the ad with PhotoShop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, or PageMaker, you can create a PDF file of your ad with all fonts and graphics embedded within the PDF, generated at 2400 dpi resolution and e-mail it in a compressed format.
  • Option 3 — If the ad is more detailed and has high resolution artwork, and you have not created the ad with one of the programs listed in Option 2, send the entire ad as a Word document AND send each piece of logo or artwork as separate JPEG files. The image must be 300 dpi at the size you want it used. Lower resolution will result in a fuzzy image.

Note: When sending ads, please indicate to whom the bill should be sent. Billing via e-mail is preferred.