Orienteering USA

Best Practices

All of these practices below are feedback from different clubs to help everyone improve. If you have recommendations for ideas or content, contact Bob Forgrave.

Club Development

From starting a new club to growing beyond a small group of friends, here are the steps to make your club welcoming, reliable, and proficient. Want to learn more about what it takes to start a new club? Check out our page on starting a club.

Land Management

For orienteering to continue, long-term access to land is essential. To ensure access, we are responsible stewards of the land using defined environmental practices.

Specific resources to review include:
Park Supervisor’s Guide for park contacts
Environmental Orienteering Handbook for clubs
and Hosting Events Off-Trail for event directors.

Skill Development

All people who start a new activity want to get better. Check out our coaching and training for a place to get started. Consider hosting a skills workshop. Get ideas for this from a scout O weekend model


There are many technologies, if appropriately used, can provide huge advantages to your organization.

OrienteeringUSA can provide certain capabilities free of cost for 501(c)3 member clubs. We can provide a subdomain, an @orienteeringusa google group, and a Team drive. Learn More

Course Design – Purple pen is a great orienteering course design software. It is very easy to use and accepts PDF, OCAD, and OOM map files. This is a great piece of software to help clubs find more course designers.

Online registration – Orienteering USA’s Event Register is a great solution for pre-registration. It is a secure server and only costs $15 to use it for a local event or $75 for a national event. It seamlessly integrates with your club’s own paypal account and many electronic punch software. Create your registrar account by clicking on event officials login in the top right. Contact Ed Despard with any questions.

Need more ideas? IOF has an extensive list of software for orienteering.


If you have a specific questions and you can’t find the answer, consider posting it on Attackpoint. It is a forum of orienteers, many of whom have been in your position.