Orienteering USA

Starting a Club

Starting an orienteering club will allow you to host and participate in events in your backyard! Anyone can start a club, but remember, it can be hard work. You should consider two aspects: people and maps.

Benefits of starting a club


People: You want to look for other people who are interested. This will make it easier than starting a club by yourself. Groups to consider are: runners, skiers, scouts, outdoor groups, etc.

Maps: When figuring out where to make your first map you should look for a popular, easily accessible area. Local parks are great to use but make sure you get permission to map and use it. You should make sure the area isn’t too large as long maps take much longer to produce. Consider producing a detailed street map for other additional events getting started. Check out the mapping page for a more information.

Charter Application: Complete your charter to receive insurance benefits. A regular charter is for clubs with 8 or more members whereas an associate charter is for fewer than 8 members.

Check out our 10 step guide to get started for more information.

First Event

Look at our resources for hosting an event

Other Resources

Don’t forget to check out our other organize pages that have a lot of great resources.