Information for Foot Orienteers

So you're an orienteer. What kind of info are you looking for? You'll find some of it in this section, and the links will take you to where you can find it in other sections.


Special orienteering topics

Goats and Billygoats

Billygoats discussing race tacticsAccording to the FAQ at, the seminal source of wisdom on billygoat orienteering culture, goat events have:

  • orienteering
  • a mass start
  • requirements on the sequence of visiting controls (often the ability to skip one or more)
  • climb (terrain permitting)
  • flair, fun, following and competitive camaraderie

For a schedule of goat events, goat event results, goat statistics and general goat lore, see

North American Sprint Series

Like orienteering? Like orienteering really, really fast over short distances on 1:5000 maps? Then get your sprint on, and go to the North American Sprint Series site for event info and standings.