Foot-O Championships

Eligibility criteria for championship awards are defined in the Orienteering USA rules for the specific distance or type of event. In general, to be a U.S. champion you need to be a member in good standing of Orienteering USA, and meet one of the citizenship requirement defined in the Rules, section A12.2.

U.S. orienteers compete for championships each calendar year in a number of different disciplines. View the winners of each class under the following disciplines:

In even-numbered years, the U.S. and Canada alternately host the North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC), the most recent of which took place in Hanover, New Hampshire. The 2018 NAOC will be held in Canada.

* There are also medals awarded to champions of U.S. and North American Rogaine events. Compilations of these champions (and complete lists for Sprint/Middle/Long/Ultralong and Night-O) have not been assembled (any volunteers?).