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U.S. Championships, O Festivals and Major Events in North America

To add a major event or festival to this listing contact the webmaster. Championships and sanctioned events will be added to the official Sanctioned National Events calendar when approved by the Sanctioning committee. Solid dates (and website for information, if available) preferred.

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NOTE: In this section, dates in bold underlined text indicate sanctioned National Ranking Events and/or
Sanctioned National Events (formerly called A-meets)



  • April 3-5 - Flying Pig XXIV, Middle-Long-Sprint, Cincinnati and Harrison, Ohio; Highland Heights, Kentucky (OCIN)
    • bidding for 2020 U.S. Nationals
  • April 18-19 - 2020 Junior Nationals, Ft Ebey and Ft Casey State Parks, Washington (COC)
  • July 21-30 - California Orienteering Festival (Truckee/BAOC):
    [Bulletin 1 - includes information about 17th WRC]
    • July 21-23 - Middle / Long / Sprint
    • July 25-27 - North American Orienteering Championships 2020, Lake Tahoe, California (Truckee/BAOC)
    • July 29-30 - Middle / Long
  • August 1-2 - 17th World Rogaining Championships, Sierra Nevada, California

International Schedules

International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

Canadian Orienteering Federation (COF)

  • July 20-28, 2019 - Ottawa O Fest including Canadian Orienteering Championships

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Local Schedules

Hundreds of local orienteering events are held throughout the United States each year, organized by local clubs. They are held in state parks, national forests, town recreation areas, and other sites with easy access. Along with traditional foot orienteering, many club schedules also include special orienteering events — such as ski-O, canoe-O, and mountain bike-O — and some clubs offer trail-O, a form of orienteering geared for people of all physical abilities.

Find out more about Rogaines and "goat" races.

Local orienteering events are inexpensive, casual, and open to everyone. Most offer several different courses, from string-O for toddlers to advanced courses for experts — and beginners' instruction is always available. To find out more about events in your area, check the schedule of the club nearest you.

An event finder for Orienteering USA club events is found on the OUSA home page (hosted by Attackpoint.org).