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The following calendar details the Orienteering USA-sanctioned orienteering events and championships for the upcoming seasons. Further information can be obtained by contacting the listed Registrar, or by accessing the event website. Note: NRE = National Ranking Event

Corrections to the Calendar should be sent to the Orienteering USA web content manager

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WIOL/Winter O Series Championship (NRE)
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COCKathy ForgraveWashington Interscholastics League Championships, Fire Mountain Scout Reservation, Vernon, Washington
Registration link is on the event website
TSN Box Canyon
Classic Event (NRE)
> Event Website
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Box Canyon, Coronado National Forest (35 mi SE of Tucson, Arizona)

Part of Southwest Spring Week
GPHXO First Water
Classic Event (NRE)
> Event Website
GPHXORon Birks

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First Water trailhead is located about 37 miles east of Phoenix, AZ.  White and Yellow course maps: 1:5,000 scale; all others will be 1:10,000 scale

Part of Southwest Spring Week
17 - 25
California O Week, including Junior Team Trials
5 Middles, Long, Sprint
> Event Website
BAOCGary Kraght

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March 17-21, 4 middle-distance races near San Francisco

March 23-25, sprint/long/middle near Sacramento, California
including Junior Team Trials
6 - 8
Flying Pig XXII
Middle / Classic / Middle
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OCIN All sites are in Butler County, OH, 20-30 miles north of Cincinnati, OH

Fri. — Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, Ohio
Sat. — Elk Creek Butler County MetroPark, Middletown, Ohio (all courses use 1:10,000 scale)
Sun. — Voice of America Butler County MetroPark, West Chester, Ohio
28 - 29
U.S. Junior Nationals at the Troll Cup
Two-day Classic
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NEOCSam Levitin

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Mt. Tom State Reservation, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Randomized start times on Saturday; chase start on Sunday

U.S. Junior Nationals (formerly called Interscholastic / Intercollegiate Championships), plus national ranking event for other age groups
Western New York Championships
One-day Classic (NRE)
> Event Website
ROC Letchworth State Park West, map scale 1:10,000

National (formerly "A") events are distinguished from all others in that participants can earn national ranking points. Any and all comments and suggestions would be appreciated.  Send via e-mail to the Orienteering USA web content manager.

Course and Class Structure

COURSES: Standard courses are color coded for easy reference, as listed below.
CLASSES: F = female, M = male. The number denotes age on Dec 31 of the year of the event. A dash ("-") indicates no age limit on that side. Example: M-12 is open to boys 12 and under, F35+ is open to women 35 and older. "Open course" classes and "21" classes have no age limit.
CLASS/COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: This table shows which classes are assigned to each course at sanctioned events; see rule A.11.2.8. Upper limits on the advanced courses do not preclude older orienteers running a longer course. (For example: an experienced 65-year-old, normally assigned to the Brown course, may run any of the longer courses of Green/Red/Blue and compete with the younger runners.) Alternatively, a competitor who's not ready for the difficulty level or longer distance assigned to his/her age group may enter any of the Open classes, those not designated with an age range.
Experience LevelBeginnerAdvanced
IntermediateAdvanced, course length increases >>
Length (km) ***2 - 33 - 54.5 - 73 - 4.54.5 - 76 - 108 - 14
Age ClassesM / F -10M / F -14M / F -16F -18F -20F -21+M -21+
 M / F -12M / F Yellow (Open)M / F Orange (Open)F 55+*F 35-54*M -20 
 White (Open)**  M 65+*M / F-GreenM 35-49* 
    M / F BrownM -18M-Red 
     M 50-64*  
* 5-year age groups   ** Gender neutral
*** Length is given for a typical "classic" or "long" course. Other courses will vary. See Rules (A.17 through A.23) for an explanation of the different race formats.

Caution: Select a course based on your experience level before choosing one for your age. Age classes are designed for orienteers experienced at that level.