Current U.S. Trail Orienteering Rankings

The Precision O  ranking event algorithm is as follows: T O logo

Competitor’s ranking points
RP = A - B points, where
A = Competitor’s score/Winner’s score x 100 and
B = (Competitor’s time / Maximum time penalty) x (100 /  Winner’s score)       
A competitor has 17 controls correct with two  timed controls = 55sec.   The winner had 20 controls correct.
A = 17 / 20 x 100 = 85.0; B = 55/270 x 100/20 = 1.02; RP = 85 - 1.02 = 83.98 pts

The TempO ranking event algorithm is:

Competitors ranking points
Competitors time / Average of top 3 competitors*100

For the Ranking list
The sum of the top 3 Ranking Points for the last 7 OUSA ranking events and WTOC events (during that time fram,, are divided by 3 to determine overall ranking. Apparent ties are resolved to the 4th decimal place. Trail O Event Directors and Course Setters receive a credit.


Para = Paralympic class, 

Post 2019 WTOC

Ranking list  (PDF)

Detaled PreO ranking (Excel spreadsheet) (.xlsx)

TempO rankings (xlsx)

Pre 2019 WTOC Team selection

2019 Orienteering USA  Precision O Rankings list    (PDF)                                               

(detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2019 Orinteering USA TempO rankings

Past years:

2018 Orienteering USA Precision O Rankings list (pdf)           detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2018 Orienteering USA TempO rankings (xlsx)

2017 Orienteering USA Temp-O Rankings

2017 Orienteering USA Precision O Rankings list            detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2016 Orienteering USA Trail O Rankings list, May-2016             detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2015 Orienteering USA OreO Rankings list             detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2014 Orienteering USA Trail O Rankings list (2 or more events)                  detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2013 Orienteering USA Trail O Rankings                                                 detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)