Abuse and misconduct by anyone in our orienteering community is prohibited. To learn more about the definitions of abuse and misconduct, please see our Abuse and Misconduct Policy. Our Junior Safety Handbook discusses misconduct and strategies to prevent misconduct from occurring.

May 2022 Update: OUSA is currently going through an account transition with Safesport.  Please hold off with SafeSport until the website gets updated with the new information and a new SafeSport account enrollment key.

OUSA policy requires that the following persons take the SafeSport training course and familiarize themselves with OUSA policies relating to abuse and misconduct:

  • All members of national teams and development programs, and adult support personnel for teams and programs
  • All members of ESC and the OUSA Board
  • All adults who have regular contact with minors through OUSA programs
  • Minors who travel with an OUSA team or attend an overnight OUSA training
  • At least one parent of each minor required to take the training
  • All coaches certified by OUSA
  • At least one coach or team leader for each team officially competing in the Junior Nationals
  • All minors who are OUSA members, subject to parental permission
  • At least one person in a leadership role at each Local Affiliated Organization

OUSA covers the cost of training for OUSA members every 3-years.


TO APPLY FOR SafeSport Training (See May 2022 Update above)
Please be aware registration is not immediate. Volunteers will process your request every 2 weeks. Please choose one of the three options below:

  1. Members of OUSA: accounts will be processed every 2 weeks. Please complete your request online here:

  2. Non-Members of OUSA: anyone can sign up for an account on the public dashboard of the US Center for SafeSport and take either the free courses once available, or pay themselves for the fee-based courses. In order to be visible in reports accessible to OUSA co-admins as someone associated with the sport of orienteering, please use the Enrollment Key FOUSAEnroll6dyB.