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 Every year, Orienteering USA sends dozens of athletes abroad to compete in World Orienteering Championships in the disciplines of Foot, Ski and Trail Orienteering.  Our athletes are required to provide at least 50% of their funding in order to represent the United States abroad.  They need your help.

By directing your gift to Team USA, you can help these athletes perform at the highest level.  When you choose to support Team USA, please direct your gift to one or more of the following squads: National Team, Junior Team, Mountain Bike Team, World University Orienteering Championships Team, Ski Orienteering Team, Trail Orienteering Team. Find out how to donate by clicking the button above.

You can also support the teams by purchasing affinity wear, clothing based on the U.S. Teams' uniforms, where a portion of the proceeds are returned to OUSA. Remaining stock from the 2015 supply will be sold by Go-Orienteering (Gale's Orienteering Supply). We thank Quality Nordic for supporting Team USA these past years, and look forward to the updated uniforms coming in 2020.

World Rankings of U.S. Orienteers

The International Orienteering Federation World Ranking Scheme is based on points scored at World Ranking Events (WREs), full details of which can be found at http://www.orienteering.org. World rankings are calculated once a month for Foot O, Mountain Bike O, and Ski O. You can find out where our athletes stand by clicking the header link above .

U.S. Orienteering Teams:


Orienteering USA supports a number of teams which represent the United States at international orienteering competitions in a variety of disciplines. The teams provide visibility for the federation at home and abroad, and host competitions and instruction for Orienteering USA members and the general public.

Björn Kjellström Cup / Future Champions Cup

Since 1980, the U.S. and Canadian teams have competed for the Björn Kjellström Cup every two years at the North American Orienteering Championships. The cup was named in honor of a Swede who was instrumental in introducing orienteering in North America.

In 2012, the competition opened to teams from any country that is a member of the International Orienteering Federation in the North American Region.  There is also be a team competition between the countries at the junior level, with the Future Champions Cup awarded to the winning team. Find out more about the Cups and the competition.