2011 U.S. Junior World Orienteering Championship Team

2011 World Junior Orienteering Championships
July 2-9, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland

The following young orienteers represented the United States at the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Poland:



Alison Campbell, DVOANathaniel Lyons, ROC
Meg Parson, NEOCAndrew Childs, GMOC
 Carl Underwood, NEOC
 Ethan Childs, GMOC
 Giacomo Barbone, CSU


 Zachary Schroeder, USMAOC

Team Coach

Team Leader


Greg Walker

Team members, left to right:
Carl Underwood, Giacomo Barbone, Meg Parson, Andrew Childs, Alison Campbell, Ethan Childs, Nate Lyons, Zachary Schroeder
(photo: Greg Walker)

Team Biographies

Photos of the team members
in training and in action (all by Greg Walker)

The Juniors were all in Poland by June 28 in order to do some training on JWOC-relevant terrain. Unfortunately, many of the team members succumbed to food poisoning over the weekend, but were recovered by the time the JWOC races began.

Team USA Blog posts:

The Juniors began competition in the JWOC Sprint on Sunday, July 3.

Results for the U.S. runners
(with winner's time for comparison)

Sprint - Sunday, July 3

Women's results

Men's results





1.14:29 Ida Bobach (DEN)1.15:07 Lucas Basset (FRA)
86.18:17 Alison Campbell108.18:14 Nathaniel Lyons
122.21:55 Meg Parson114.18:40 Giacomo Barbone
  123.19:04 Andrew Childs
  137.20:00 Ethan Childs

21:13 Carl Underwood

  147.21:26 Zachary Schroeder
Canadian results--
Women: Emily Kemp (38. / 16:07), Kendra Murray (106. / 19:18), Emily Ross (113. / 19:55), Molly Kemp (115. / 20:23), Tori Owen (124. / 22:03)
Men: Graeme Rennie (106. / 18:09), Lee Hawkings (119. / 18:57), Graham Ereaux (136. / 20:00)

Long - Monday, July 4

Women's results

Men's results





1.0:55:23 Bobach, Ida (DEN)1.1:08:49 Yngve Skogstad (NOR)
93.1:22:02 Alison Campbell110.1:38:17 Giacomo Barbone
111.1:34:55 Meg Parson132.1:49:13 Ethan Childs
  133.1:49:24 Nathaniel Lyons
  138.1:51:29 Andrew Childs
  142.2:00:02 Carl Underwood
  147.2:13:12 Zachary Schroeder
Canadian results--
Women: Emily Kemp (13. / 1:03:48), Kendra Murray (103. / 1:28:46), Tori Owen (117. / 1:38:08), Emily Ross (118. / 1:39:45), Molly Kemp (125. / 1:54:51)
Men: Lee Hawkings (111. / 1:38:30), Graeme Rennie (118. / 1:41:56), Graham Ereaux (125. / 1:46:55)

Middle qualifiers - Monday, July 6
(top 20 per heat qualify)





 WQ2 MQ1
1.17:52 Johanna Olsson (SWE)1.19:47 Eskil Kinneberg (NOR)
20.21:38 Fanny Roche (FRA)20.21:59 Oscar McNulty (AUS)
38.27:36 Meg Parson37.24:05 Andrew Childs
  47l29:00 Ethan Childs
 WQ3 MQ2
1.19:00 Tove Alexandersson (SWE)1.20:48 Andreu Blanes (ESP)
20.23:03 Katrin Vinkel (EST)20.22:55 Luis Silva (POR)
32.26:12 Alison Campbell46.28:27 Nate Lyons
  DsqCarl Underwood
  1.20:13 Marius Thrane Odum (DEN)
  20.22:26 Raivo Kivlenieks (LAT)
  38.25:26 Giacomo Barbone
  52.41:30 Zachary Schroeder
Canadian results--
Women: Emily Kemp (WQ2-13. / 20:43), Emily Ross (WQ2-42. / 31:52), Kendra Murray (WQ3-27. / 23:58), Tori Owen (WQ3-39. / 28:07), Molly Kemp (DNS)
Men: Graeme Rennie (MQ1-49. / 31:32), Graham Ereaux (MQ2-45. / 28:22), Lee Hawkings (MQ3-45. / 26:55)

Middle Final - Tuesday, July 7 (after qualifiers on July 6)

Mens results -- a three-way tie for first!



1.25:43 Robert Merl (AUT)
1.25:43 Dmitry Nakonechnyy (RUS)
1.25:43 Topias Tiainen (FIN)
4.26:08 Lucas Basset (FRA)
No U.S. or Canadian qualifiers

Women's results --



1.23:10 Ida Bobach (DEN)
2.23:44 Tove Alexandersson (SWE)
3.24:16 Emma Klingenberg (DEN)
22.27:43 Emily Kemp (CAN)
U.S. women did not qualify for finals


Relay --


1.  1:53:33 - Poland I
2.  1:53:56 - Sweden I
3.  1:54:47 - Czech Republic I
23. 2:26:17 - USA I (Giacomo Barbone, Nate Lyone, Andrew Childs)
25. 2:32:02 - Canada I (Graeme Rennie, Graham Ereaux, Lee Hawkings)
       2:50:53 - USA II (Ethan Childs, Carl Underwood, Zachary Schroeder)


1.  1:42:32 - Sweden I
2.  1:48:51 - Czech Republic I
3.  1:48:57 - Denmark I
      2:24:10 - Canada/France mixed team (Emilie Backschneider, Emily Ross, Molly Kemp)
      2:33:59 - USA/Italy mixed team (Alison Campbell, Lucia Curzio, Meg Parson)
25. 2:43:03 - Canada (Tori Owen, Kendra Murray, Emily Kemp)



2011 U.S. JWOC Team

Alison Campbell

Alison Campbell, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association

Year of birth: 1991
School: University of Colorado at Boulder
International experience: JWOC 2009-2010, WUOC 2010, and other multi day events such as Oringen and Scottish 6-days.
Started orienteering: With family as a young child, competitive since 2002
Fun Fact: I like to sing in the bathroom.

Meg Parson, New England Orienteering ClubMeg Parson, New England Orienteering Club

Year of Birth: 1994
School:  Concord Carlisle High School
International Experience:  O-Ringen 2009
Started orienteering: When I was 6 or 7 years old
Fun Fact:  I make really good fruit smoothies.


Nate Lyons

Nathaniel Lyons, Rochester Orienteering Club (New York)

Year of birth: 1992
School: Webster Schroeder High, New York
International experience: JWOC 2009
Started orienteering: Grandfather encouraged my father, who encouraged me about 5 years ago

Andrew Childs

Andrew Childs, Green Mountain Orienteering Club (Vermont)

Year of birth: 1992
School: Champlain Valley Union High, Vermont
International experience: O'Ringen 2008, JWOC 2009
Started orienteering: With family as a young child

Carl Underwood

Carl Underwood, New England Orienteering Club

Year of Birth: 1993
School: University of Connecticut
International Experience: JWOC 2010, O'Ringen 2010
Started Orienteering: At a very young age with my parents
Fun Fact: I have two middle names

 Ethan Childs, Green Mountain Orienteering Club

Year of birth: 1994
School: Champlain Valley Union High School
International experience: 2 years traveling in Europe, attending O-Ringen, Fin-5, and Swiss O-Week, among other events.
Started orienteering: When I was about 2
Fun Fact: The Name of the Wind is the best book ever written.

Giacomo Barbone, Cambridge Sports Union

Year of birth: 1991
School: Harvard University
International experience: Oringen 2008, Hungaria Cup 2009, Croatia Cup Open 2010
Started orienteering: 2005

Zachary Schroeder, United States Military Academy Orienteering Club

Year of birth: 1991
School: West Point Military Academy
Started orienteering: I started orienteering last fall when I joined the Orienteering Club team at West Point. Prior to that I had never tried the sport before, but it's a great time everytime I head out on a course.

Alternates: Alexander Kiperman, LAOC
Declined: Jaxon Rickel, TSN

Team Selection Information for 2011

Team Announcement

On behalf of Orienteering USA, the JWOC Selection Committee and the Junior Team Executive Steering Committee, I am proud to announce the team that will represent the USA at the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Championships:

Alison Campbell, DVOA
Meg Parson, NEOC

Andrew Childs, GMOC
Carl Underwood, NEOC
Ethan Childs, GMOC
Giacomo Barbone, CSU
Nathaniel Lyons, ROC
Jaxon Rickel, TSN (Declined)
Zachary Schroeder, USMAOC

This will be the first JWOC (as competitors) for Meg, Ethan, Giacomo and Zachary.

In the event that any male Team members become unable to attend, alternate Team members would be:
1st- Alexander Kiperman, LAOC
There are no female alternates.

Thank you to the parents, coaches and other adults, who supported, and will continue to support, these young people in their quest for orienteering excellence.  They can certainly count on the support of everybody back home, in July, when they will take on the best junior orienteers in the world in Rumia-Wejherowo, Poland.

Guy Olsen
Chair, Junior Team Executive Steering Committee

2011 JWOC Selection Committee
Janet Porter, US Junior Team Administrator
Jeff Saeger, US Junior Team Coach Emeritus
Peter Goodwin, O-USA VP of Competition

Final Rankings for JWOC Selection Posted

2011 JWOC Scoring List and Final Rankings, April 17, 2011

See the link above for the scoring list and final rankings. Juniors in the Final JWOC Rankings who are not included in the Scoring List, but who wish to be considered for the 2011 JWOC Team, will need to request an exception by petitioning the JWOC Selection Committee. The same also applies to anyone already on the Scoring List, who believes that they should have a higher selection rank. Petitions must be submitted by e-mail to Peter Goodwin (pgwolfe AT gmail.com), Janet Porter (djporter2 AT verizon.net), and Jeff Saeger (runwld2 AT juno.com), by midnight, Monday April 25, Pacific Daylight Time. We apologize for the early petition deadline, but it is necessary with preliminary JWOC registration being due on May 1.

JWOC 2011 Team Selection News

The US Team for the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Championship will be chosen by the selection committee of Jeff Saeger, Peter Goodwin and Janet Porter. The selection will be based on the official US rolling rankings including events from April 12, 2010 through April 17, 2011. The F-20 rankings for females and the M-20 rankings for males will be used. To be eligible for JWOC selection, competitors must have a minimum of 4 ranked events and a minimum ranking score of 75. A maximum of 6 males and 6 females will be selected.

Questions about the JWOC Team selection process should be directed to the JWOC team Selection Committee, not to the Rankings Committee. (see contact information in 'Final Rankings' entry)

See the Orienteering USA rules for more regarding selection criteria for JWOC teams.

last updated 13 July 2011