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October 20, 2014

August 30, 2014

May 3, 2014

An Indiegogo fundraiser has been designed to reward you as you support the Junior Team.

The 24-member U.S. national standing team has been training hard to build both the physical power for off-trail running, and the mental ability to read a map, plan a route, and navigate under intense pressure in unfamiliar terrain. Help us achieve our goal of racing against the top land navigators in the world.

What We Need

The total cost of the trip is $48,000 for 16 athletes to train and compete at the 2014 Junior World Championships. The juniors and their families are paying for the plane tickets. We want to raise enough to pay for the costs of competition and subsidize the housing. To supplement this Indiegogo campaign, the juniors have been selling food at national meets, working paid jobs, and are asking local running and outdoor stores for sponsorships.

April 16, 2014

March 30, 2014

February 27, 2014

January 1, 2014


Junior Coach Reports (2012-13)

November 23, 2013

September 4, 2013

  • Anti-doping: All athletes hoping to compete in regional and international competition should be aware of world anti-doping guidelines. .... read more
  • Travel Permission forms: Forms granting travel permission and power of attorney (to obtain medical assistance as needed, etc.) are posted.

May 25, 2013

Selection criteria for team selection for the 2014 JWOC Team posted. Juniors interested in being on next year's team should review the requirements. [updated October 9, 2013]

April 18, 2013

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  • April 18, 2013

    The Executive Steering committee is thrilled to announce the members of the 2013 U.S. Team to the Junior World Orienteering Championships.  Meet the 2013 Team!

    Six men and six women will compete at JWOC.  Alternates will substitute for Team members who are unable to compete due to illness, injury or lack of readiness.

    Mathew Rogers (COC) and Zachary Lyons (ROC) also made the team, but declined. Matej Sebo (BAOC) is a member of the Junior Standing Team, and had a very high ranking, but is ineligible due to citizenship requirements.

    All Team members but one were previously named to the Junior Standing Team and have been training and working with Team Coach Erin Schirm since early March or before.   They will continue to train and compete until JWOC starts on June 30.  This year, they will have 12 days of training in the Czech Republic prior to the championship races. Juniors and other supporters who come to spectate at JWOC will have the pleasure of watching the JWOC races in the mornings, and competing on the same terrain in the afternoons (see http://www.jwoctour.cz/jwoctour for more information).  We hope that the United States orienteering community will support our Team by following their progress and by donating to the Junior Team to help the athletes with the cost of the trip.

    In our consideration of the candidates who petitioned, we took two things into account. We looked first at competition results, and secondly at whether the individual was truly ready to compete at JWOC. We used the petitions and our knowledge of each individual to make these decisions. Each athlete addressed these questions in their petitions: Why they want to attend JWOC, what evidence they could provide to show they are capable to compete at JWOC, and what plans they have to continue their training to be prepared for JWOC.

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these promising young athletes, and we look forward to watching them compete at West Point, the U.S. Individual Championships/Senior Team Trials, and in Europe this summer.

    Thank you for your past and continued support,

    2013 JWOC Selections Committee
    Erin Schirm, Orienteering USA Junior Team Coach
    Amy Williams, Orienteering USA Vice President for Competition
    Barb Bryant, Orienteering USA Junior Team Administrator

  • Spring 2013

    The 24 members of the 2013 Junior Standing Team have been named.  The Junior Development Team, open to all OUSA juniors, is accepting applications.  All juniors are welcome to join this team, and there is no limit on the number of members.  

    The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) will be held in the Czech Republic in July 2013.  This year there is a wonderful accompanying series of races that anyone is welcome to attend:  the JWOC Tour.  Several members of the Junior Standing and Development Teams will participate in the Tour, and we’d love to see more families and other US orienteers come along, cheer for our JWOC team each morning, and do their own racing in the afternoon, at the Tour.  For more information, see http://www.jwoctour.cz.  

    Seven juniors from Cascade attended the Vancouver Sprint Camp February 8-10.  In its 8th year, Sprint Camp is a 10-event series of trainings and SportIdent-timed mini-races using ISSOM standards, with specific goals and reviews, partnering and going head to head with some of the best of North America.  HPP (High Performance Program) members of both Junior and Senior teams from Canada, along with some elite orienteers from the U.S., had a chance to compete, compare and mingle socially, learning best practices and ways to improve during an intensely fun weekend.

    Cascade Orienteering Club’s WIOL series of 7 races ended on February 2nd at Fire Mountain with Junior Coach Erin Schirm in attendance.  22 juniors stayed after for course review and control picking in the woods.  Starts this year for WIOL so far has number 1,393 starts. That's a lot of kids in the woods!  WIOL’s one day Championship was on Feb 16th on a new map: Lincoln Tree Farm in Spanaway (see photo).

    photo credit: Eileen Breseman

    We are grateful to the many volunteers who have stepped up to help support junior development.  Among others:  Bill Cheatum provided Erin with pretty much everything he needed for the junior team training courses and fundraiser at the Georgia Navigator Cup.  Becky Carlyle and Clint Morse organized a junior training camp in Connecticut.  Andrea Schneider is helping with the logistics of juniors traveling alone to A meets.  Anna Shafer-Skelton is working on the JDT shirt design.  A number of people have volunteered to mentor juniors.  Mary Jones arranged a junior lounge (paid for by PTOC and OK - thanks!) at the Interscholastics / Intercollegiate A meet, and worked with Erin to organize junior training activities, including course reviews.   

    We are seeking additional volunteers to help with fundraising, grant writing, sponsorships, training camps, coordinating the teams, communication with clubs, technology, mentoring and coaching.  Please contact us if you can help!

  • Fall 2012

    Barb Bryant has joined JTESC (the USA Junior Team Executive Steering Committee). She reports what's happening:

    • Junior training opportunities: Erin Schirm has been named junior team coach. He is planning to attend Boggs and NAOC A-meets, and to have a junior training camp the weekend before NAOC. Next steps are to invite juniors and work out the logistics of each program. Interested juniors can contact me (barb.bryant AT gmail.com)
    • I am taking over the Administrator position from Janet Porter. Janet has put enormous effort into the juniors over many years; many have benefited, and I am grateful to her. Thank you, Janet!
    • As Administrator, I will help to manage the JTESC budget and report on spending. I have been told that we have money left in this year's budget that will mainly be used to pay for Erin's travel expenses this fall.
    • Paid junior development position. With Erin getting rave reviews for his work coaching the JWOC Team, a number of people have suggested it might be a good idea to create a paid position to more fully utilize his talent and energy. We're working on writing a job description to help us raise funds for it. A major goal would be to go beyond the small group of JWOC-bound juniors, to work with clubs on their development programs, train new coaches, and expand outreach to younger and less experienced kids.
    • Guy Olsen, the JTESC Chair, is seeking additional members for JTESC. Current members are Guy Olsen (Chair), Erin Schirm (Junior Team Coach), Amy Williams, Samantha Saeger, Barb Bryant, Eileen Breseman.
    • Clare Durand is working on revising the OUSA rules, and Guy has been leading discussion within JTESC of the Juniors portion of those rules. The proposed rules will be presented to OUSA membership for comment before the Board votes on them.
    • Erin Schirm and JTESC are planning to build the junior development and junior standing teams. This will likely include a commitment from the juniors to training goals and a training plan.
    • Metrics and goals for juniors and for JTESC. Erin and JTESC and other advisers have renewed efforts to define goals and metrics for juniors of different ages as they train to improve their orienteering. Goals for JTESC will be important to have as we go into budget planning for 2013.
    • Social networking. Juniors and their parents are encouraged to sign up for the YahooGroup usajuniororienteering. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/usajuniororienteering and click on "Join This Group!" Alternatively, send an e-mail, with your name in the message body, to usajuniororienteering-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


  • Future Champions Cup news
  • Andrew and Ethan Childs interviewed on local TV station — See the video
  • Reflections of a Canadian junior orienteer's bronze medal at JWOC 2012. The next time it could be a U.S. junior!
  • 2012 JWOC Team Results and Comments
  • Future Champions Cup introduced for 2012
    • The Björn Kjellström Cup is is a competition between the national teams of the USA and Canada at the senior level. It is held every two years at the North American Orienteering Championships and was first awarded in 1980. At the NAOC in British Columbia in 2010, the cup was won by the USA in a spirited and very close competition. The U.S. defended the cup in 2012 at the events in the Delaware Water Gap area of Pennsylvania

      In 2012, team competition between the countries at the junior level was introduced, with the Future Champions Cup awarded to the winning team. The hope is that this will bring the same level of excitement and recognition for the juniors as the BK Cup has for the seniors. And hopefully a lot of work will be put into training and preparation because, need I say, it is a lot more fun to be on the winning side.  In 2012, the FCC competition was deemed a tie with both Canada and the U.S. teams earning 402 points. This new Cup will stay in the U.S. until fall 2013, then go to Canada in anticipation of the next competition in 2014.
    • Rules for the 2012 BK Cup and FC Cup

      Peter Gagarin
      Former U.S. Team Member

  • 2012 Team Announcement