Junior Team Fundraising Quilts

T-Shirt Quilt for Corinne

Janet Porter made this lovely T-shirt quilt for her daughter Corinne.

The winner of the Junior Team Fund raffle can choose between a quilt made from T-shirts the winner supplies, OR a quilt made from orienteering T-shirts that Janet has. Note: the quilt in the photo is not the actual prize but an example of a quilt made from a variety of T-shirts.

NOTE: Due to time constraints, construction of the quilt won in 2007 has been delayed. If you like to sew and would like to contribute your time and efforts to making a T-shirt quilt, please let Janet Porter know, and we'll bring back the Junior Quilt Raffle!

2007 winner: Donna Fluegel

The winning Quilt raffle ticket for 2007 was drawn at the Colorado 5-Day dinner at Templed Hills near Woodland Park on August 11th. Junior Sylvia Klassen sold the most raffle tickets and therefore won a Junior travel grant worth $160.50, 25% of the raffle fund total. Quilt winner Donna is the publisher of Orienteering North America, the magazine that covers orienteering in the U.S. and Canada, and is a member of Western Connecticut Orienteering Club.

2006 winner: Suzanne Armstrong

"At the 2006 Interscholastics Championships in North Carolina, the winning Quilt raffle ticket was drawn and the winner is Suzanne Armstrong of St. Louis Orienteering Club and Cambridge Sports Union.  For me this is a very special winner, as Suzanne was a part of the first group of Juniors that I started working with a number of years ago that brought me to my present position of Junior Team leader. 

"Congratulations, Suzanne!!!"

– Janet Porter
U.S. Junior Team Leader

T-shirt Quilt for Suzanne

Janet Tryson constructed this T-shirt quilt-throw for Suzanne Armstrong.

Last update: May 18, 2009