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2013 Orienteering USA Competitive Award Winner
in the Category "Comet of the Year"

Awarded to the most-improved U.S. orienteer in 2013, based on results at national and international events.

2013 Comet of the Year - Tom Puzak

Tom Puzak, MNOC

As a member of the Team USA MTBO Team, Tom was the epitome of a fast learner. At the beginning of the World MTBO Championships, he felt that his orienteering skills at the speeds required when mountain biking were going to be sorely challenged. Yet after the week of World Cup races, as the U.S. Team needed to select the single individual to represent the Team in the Long Distance race (the Championship's marquee event). Tom was chosen and his results, based upon a percentage of time behind the leaders, already mark him as one of the top U.S. male orienteers across all orienteering disciplines.
U.S. MTBO Team - 2013
The 2013 U.S. Mountain Bike Orienteering Team — (from left to right) Abra Star McNair, Joe Brautigam, Fletcher Hamel, Susan Grandjean, Thomas Puzak, Dave Ashley, and Susan Wiley Sherman.
World MTBO Championships Finish Webcam/Audio

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Sprint - August 27
Middle - August 28
Relay - August 30
Long - August 31

Eastern European Summer Time minus 7 hours = Eastern Daylight Time
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Support the Team and Each Donation is Matched!

August 11, 2013 — Following the success of Orienteering USA's all-women MTBO team at the 2012 World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships in Veszprém, Hungary, Orienteering USA is ready to send both a men's team and a women's team to the 2013 World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships in Rakvere, Lääne-Viru, Estonia.

Team USA's first ever entry in the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships with both men's and women's teams is getting ready to travel to Estonia. Thanks to donations that the team has already received, in addition to support from Orienteering USA, and map-board manufacturer AutoPilot, this year's team is preparing to go and compete from August 26 through August 31.

The team can still use your help. As a result of a generous pledge from an anonymous donor, all individual donations to Orienteering USA's MTBO Team will be matched on a 1:1 basis between August 11, 2013, and August 19, 2013, inclusive. If you haven't already donated, please go to the Support Orienteering USA web page for details on donating. If you're giving online, please to select "Team USA: Mountain Bike Team". Thanks!

U.S. Mountain Bike Orienteering Team Announced

May 8, 2013 — The MTBO Selection Committee is pleased to announce the Team that will be representing the USA at the 11th World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships (WMTBOC) in Rakvere, Estonia this August 26–31. The Team members are: Sue Grandjean, CROC; Abra McNair, CROC; Susan Sherman, CROC; David Ashley, FLO; Joe Brautigam*, WCOC; Fletcher Hamel, OK; Tom Puzak, MNOC.

Each team is composed of three individuals who will be the primary competitors for the U.S. at WMTBOC.

This year marks the first time that the U.S. has sent both a Men's and a Women's team to the WMTBOC. Two of the three women named to this year's Women's team are veterans from last year's Team USA. This year, the MTBO Teams will benefit from having an "at-event" Team Manager, Joe Brautigam, who will also serve as an Alternate. As both an orienteer and adventure racer, Joe has a distinguished record of accomplishment in both national and international races.

To supplement the partial support for competition and travel expenses provided by Orienteering USA, we hope that the United States orienteering community will support our Team by following their progress and through donations. Equally important to the development of mountain bike orienteering in the US is club support for local MTBO events, and our Team members look forward to working with clubs of all sizes to bring these about.

Starting this summer, the Team will be posting updates in a variety of forums, including the MTBO Team USA blog. Thank you for your past and continued support! 2013 MTBO Team USA

— Greg Lennon, Orienteering USA MTBO Team Organizer/Chair

2012 U.S. Mountain Bike Orienteering Team

In the June 2012 edition of the Orienteering USA E-newsletter, Peter Goodwin, President, and Glen Schorr, Executive Director, reported:
"For the first time ever," Orienteering USA is fielding a team* to represent the United States at the 2012 World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships in Veszprém, Hungary. With a model event on August 19, 2012, and championship events running through August 25, 2012, these "world championships will include over 300 riders from 24 nations."

"The members of this all-female team are Susan Grandjean (CROC), Rebecca Jensen (COC), and Abra McNair (CROC). All have raced in both USA Cycling MTB competitions as well as in [orienteering] A-meets. Demonstrating another link between the various O disciplines, Susan (originally a member of CNYO) was on three previous Ski O squads, most recently in 2009."

"MTBO has a fine future in North America, and these athletes are leading the way. While the MTBO effort was too new to be included in the 2012 Orienteering USA budget (which provided significant funding to almost all other teams), if you're a fan of mountain biking and orienteering you can help Team USA and the sport by donating now. Donations made before July 1 will be worth twice as much to the Team thanks to a matching grant from an anonymous donor, so please as a club or personally donate now by clicking this link and selecting 'Team USA - Mountain Bike Team' as the program to receive your donation. More is always better, but even if it's just $5, every donation helps!"
* Individual U.S. athletes have competed at the World MTBO Championships in the past, but this is the first Team.
Orienteering USA - 2012 MTBO Team
Team USA (from left to right): Rebecca Jensen (back; Cascade OC), Susan Grandjean (front; Columbia River OC), Abra McNair (Columbia River OC)
On the far right is Sanja Žužić from Croatia who just couldn't resist jumping into the shot.

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U.S. MTBO Team Members Featured in Online Articles

  • Susan Grandjean is featured in an article in the July 16, 2012, edition of The Palladium-Times, Oswego, NY.
  • Susan Grandjean and Abra McNair are featured in an August 3, 2012, article on BikePortland.org.
  • Susan Grandjean, Rebecca Jensen, and Abra McNair are featured in an August 4, 2012, article on Reckoneer.com.
  • Rebecca Jensen is featured in an August 14, 2012, article in The Issaquah Press, Issaquah, WA.

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MTB Orienteering World Cup 2010, Balatonfüred, HungaryMTB Orienteering World Cup 2011, Tapolca, Hungary
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