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2015 Ski World Orienteering Championships in Norway

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Announcement of the 2015 Team

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2013 World Ski Orienteering Championships Team

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        > Final Team Announced (January 29, 2013)

In the news: Greg  Walker and Anna Voegele talk about "Skinny skis and map skills," Moonshine Ink (online article, February 18, 2013)

TEAM UPDATE: The US Ski Orienteering Team Executive Steering Committee is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Pleban, Colonial Beach, VA and Anna Voegele, Truckee, CA to the team traveling to Kazakhstan in March for the 2013 World Ski Orienteering Championships.  Scott and Anna will join Adrian Owens and Greg Walker for the Men's Team and Alison Crocker and Alex Jospe for the Women's Team.
Additional members may be named based on early season results.  Upcoming World Ranking Events include the European Ski-O Tour January 5-13, and in the United States, a Sprint January 19 in Chester, Vermont (pending), and Bear Valley, California on January 26.

Ken Walker, Sr
Ski-O ESC Chair
November 23, 2012

The US Ski Orienteering Team Executive Steering Committee is pleased to announce the initial selection of the Team for the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Kazakhstan in March, 2013, and the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships in Latvia, in February, 2013.

Those named below to the "A" Teams have qualified for the World Championship Team. The Development Team, also named below, are those with strong prospects for addition to the final Championship Team early next winter, based on training and early season results.

US Ski Orienteering A Team


  • Adrian Owens, Craftsbury Common, VT (Green Mountain Orienteering Club)
  • Greg Walker, Truckee, CA (Cambridge Sports Union)


  • Alison Crocker, Amherst, MA (Cambridge Sports Union)
  • Alex Jospe, Newton, MA (Cambridge Sports Union)


  • Kestrel Owens, Craftsbury Common, VT (Green Mountain Orienteering Club)

US Ski Orienteering Development Team


  • Nikolay Nachev, Redmond, WA (Cascade Orienteering Club)
  • Scott Pleban, Colonial Beach, VA (Quantico Orienteering Club)


  • Cristina Luis, Oslo, Norway (Tucson Orienteering Club / Nydalens SK)
  • Anna Voegele, Truckee, CA (Bay Area Orienteering Club)


  • Sam Zabell, Truckee, CA (Bay Area Orienteering Club)

"A" Team and Development Team members are expected to comply with the Orienteering USA Ski Orienteering Team Policy, with the objective to "improve the performance of its athletes to world-class levels, being competitive with the best orienteering athletes in the world." The full policy and expectations of Team members are published on the Orienteering USA website (Ski O Team Policy).

As part of this, Team members are expected to submit an annual goals and training plan summary and log of actual training and race results. A form to facilitate this is also on the Orienteering USA website (annual training plan).

Ken Walker, Sr
Ski-O Executive Steering Committee, Chair

NEOC's Western Mass 5 Day nets $6,700 for the U.S. Ski O Team!

Thanks to the efforts of Ali Crocker, Alex Jospe, Peter and Gail Gagarin, and Phil Bricker, along with assistance from members of the U.S. Ski O Team and others in the orienteering community, $6,700 was donated to the U.S. Ski O Team.  Read more

Round 3, Boden, Sweden

Greg Walker, Alison Crocker, and Alex Jospe traveled to Sweden for Round 3 of the 2012 Ski-O World Cup. They posted comments on the USA Team Blog.

Round 2, Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan

Greg Walker was the only U.S. participant in Round 2.

Round 1 in California was a great success

Despite questionable weather before and after, the Round 1 events were deemed a success by the international community, with course designer Greg Walker's courses getting compliments from the top.

Ski O World Cup is underway!

Read Peter Gagarin's observations and find links to relevant sites regarding the World Cup and Sierra Ski O Tour events.

First-ever North American Ski Orienteering World Cups to be held in California in 2012

BAOC and the U.S. Ski O Team have joined forces to hold the first ski orienteering World Cup (WC) ever in North America this winter, in the Bear Valley and Lake Tahoe regions of California.  Scheduled over a week of racing, the first round of WCs will be held in conjunction with the North American Championships and the U.S. Ski Orienteering Championships.  Organizers have been working hard to lay the groundwork, and are expecting skiers from around the world.  

Though only Canadian and U.S. Team members can start in the World Cup, any skier can race in the World Ranking Event (WRE) races and the open races. "We are very excited to bring the first Ski Orienteering World Cup event to the United States.  The combination of Team USA's strong performance in the last World Championship as well as the growing popularity of orienteering of all types in the USA make this a natural event" says Glen Schorr, Executive Director for Orienteering USA. 

Bulletin 1 (pdf) is out, so start making your reservations now, for what promises to be a truly great ski orienteering opportunity, for all ages, and all abilities!

Recap from 2011 Ski WOC:

The U.S. Ski O Team had a great week in Tänndalen, Sweden, last March, highlighted by Alison Crocker's 8th place in the long distance race (photo below shows her interview after the race).  The men's team had consistently better results than in the past, with many top-40 finishes, and on the women's side, Alison finished 18th in both the sprint and middle, and Alexandra Jospe had three top-25 races.  In the relay, the American men finished 15th (of 20 teams), and the women were 8th, out of 15 teams.  

This year, Ski WOC also tried out a new format, a mixed gender sprint relay.  Alison and Greg Walker were the American representatives, and it was an exciting event to watch. Alison and Greg finished in 12th, of 23 teams, and with the GPS tracking and live commentary, videos, and map displays, the spectators were riveted to the big screen in the arena, despite the blowing winds.  

Greg tagging off to Alison in the exchange zone of the sprint relay.  

Results, maps, and other information can be found at the 2011 Ski WOC website.  

World Ski Orienteering Championships Team

The Ski Orienteering Executive Steering Committee selected the following people to represent the United States at the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Tanndalen, Sweden, from March 20-28, 2011.

Link to running commentary from Peter Gagarin, which was posted on Attackpoint and USOFclubnet.

The Ski O ESC has selected Nikolay Nachev (Cascade Orienteering Club) and Adrian Owens (Green Mountain Orienteering Club) as the final two members of the SkiWOC Team. They will join Alexandra Jospe (CSU), Alison Crocker (CSU), Scott Pleban (QOC) and Greg Walker (CSU) in Tanndalen, Sweden from March 20-28. (updated 1 Feb 2011)


  • Alexandra Jospe, Newton, MA (Cambridge Sports Union)
  • Alison Crocker, Amherst, MA (Cambridge Sports Union)
  • Cristina Luis, Tuscon, AZ (Tuscon Orienteering Club)


  • Scott Pleban, Colonial Beach, VA (Quantico Orienteering Club)
  • Greg Walker, Truckee, CA (Cambridge Sports Union)
  • Adrian Owens, Craftsbury, VT (Green Mountain Orienteering Club)

The following juniors have also been selected to represent the U.S. at the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships in Lillehammar, Norway, from January 31-February 6, 2011. Additional members may be added prior to the event.


  • Will Frielinghaus, Queensbury, New York (Empire Orienteering Club)
  • Andrew Childs, Williston, Vermont (Green Mountain Orienteering Club)
  • Kestrel Owens, Craftsbury, Vermont (Green Mountain Orienteering Club)

Alan Oprsal, Chair
Ski-O Executive Steering Committee
Posted June 10, 2010


Discussion of the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships on Attackpoint. Junior Team members Will Frielinghaus and Kestrel Owens are representing the U.S. at this year's event.

U.S. Ski Orienteering Team Selection Criteria for WOC 2011

The bylaws passed by the Team in 2008 explicitly stated the mission of the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) is "to select and support a competent team whose members can perform respectably at international standard competitions."

With this in mind, the ESC will use the following criteria for selection of the Ski WOC 2011 Team. The ESC will select up to two members for the men's team and two members for the women's team. Additional members of the teams may be selected at the end of January 2011. Candidates should:

  • Demonstrate by ski orienteering results they are capable of top level national and international competitions. The closer a competition resembles conditions found at the World Championships, the greater the ESC will consider the results. The ESC will consider results from important races this season such as:
    -- US Ski Orienteering Championships in Vermont, February 13-14
    -- Sierra Race Series in California, January 30-February 7
    -- Canadian Ski Orienteering Championships in Ontario, January 23-24
    -- World Cup races and other international competitions in 2010
    -- Results from last year's WOC/other national/international races from 2009
    -- Results from 2011 including the Ski O Tour in mid-January in Europe


    • Not be at the top level, but have a plan for improving to that level, with training and results to support progress towards this claim


    • Be new athletes with ski o potential. This could be shown by excellent cross-country skiing race results combined with limited but promising foot o and ski o results, and a plan to rapidly develop to a top level in the sport.

    Limited travel grants will be offered to qualified candidates.

    •     US Champs and Sierra Week: $200
    •     Canadian Champs and WCs: $100
    •     Ski-O Tour 2011: TBD

    Since these criteria do not meet the six-month notification deadline required by the by-laws we will use the portfolio system again this year to select the team. Additional team members may be added in 2011 based on results from the Ski-O Tour and other major national and international events.

    Updated: The deadline for portfolios will be May 15th and the team will be announced on June 1st. Portfolios should go to ESC Chair Alan Oprsal (aoprsal [at] hotmail [dot] com) with a copy to Rick Worner (Wornerkohn [at] aol [dot] com).

    Good luck with the coming ski orienteering season.

    Ken Walker, Sr.
    January 17, 2010
    Deadline updated April 12, 2010