University Team


The University team represents the United States at the biennial World University Orienteering Championships held in even years.

2020 U.S. WUOC Team Announcement



2020 WUOC Selection Criteria

The World University Orienteering Championships occur every other year in even years. In 2020 the Championships will be held in Smolensk, Russia, from July 11-July 19.

2020 Timeline

January 5Declaration of intent to try out for the WUOC team and petitions/applications due. These can be mailed to Linda Kohn.
January 15Sr. Elite, Performance, and Development squads announced
Team Trials January 17-19 2020The WUOC selection races will be held at the Georgia Navigator Cup.
1 week post-TTWUOC 2020 Team announced with specific athlete/race assignments
2 weeks post-TTDeadline for signed Athlete’s Agreement submission if not currently on the National Team
July 11-1911th – Mandatory arrival date at Team accommodations
12th – Training
13th – Model Event, Technical Model, Opening Ceremony
14th – Sprint Relay
15th – Sprint Race
16th – Long Race
17th – Middle Race
18th – Relay, Banquet
19th – Departure


Number of Entries

GenderLongMiddleSprintRelayMixed RelayTotal # of entries

Team Size:

The selection committee may select up to a maximum of 5 men and 5 women for the team (total of 10 athletes). The selection committee may also choose to select no athletes based on the quality of the applications. The size of team between 0-5 men and 0-5 women is left to the discretion of the selection committee.

Selection Methods for Both Men and Women:

The two-day overall winner in the F-21+ and M-21+ category at the Georgia Navigator Cup from Saturday and Sunday Classic races will be automatically selected to the WUOC team. All other slots will be given by petition.

Classic Race 1

  • Classic race day 1 (Saturday)
  • No automatic qualifier; competitor’s time will be used for total over two days.

Classic Race 2

  • Classic race day 2 (Sunday)
  • No automatic qualifier; competitor’s time will be used for total over two days.


All non-automatic qualifying athletes will be selected from a pool of petitions. All athletes interested in competing at WUOC are encouraged to write a petition for consideration even if you plan to compete at Georgia Navigator Cup. The petitions must include the following to be accepted:

  1. Results from key national or international races over the last year
  2. Official results from at least one running race between 3-10k
  3. Attachment or link to a training log that details training over the last 4-6 months
  4. Contact information for personal coach, if the athlete has a coach
  5. A short summary of your orienteering experience

Recommended: It’s strongly recommended that you have previous international racing experience and that you are a member of the senior national team.


Applicants must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You are currently officially registered (or have been accepted for admission) as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority of their country, or a former student who has obtained an academic degree or diploma in the year 2019.
  2. Your date of birth is between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 2002.
  3. You are a full passport-holding citizen of the USA.
  4. You are a current member of Orienteering USA.

Selection Committee Guidelines

The Committee will use the following rubric as a guide to select the team. Athletes with higher scores on this list are more likely to be selected to the team. Please note this is a guide and the selection committee will use their discretion in the selection.

 1 point2 points3 points4 points
Race ResultsBeat other WUOC applicants less than 40% of the time.Beat other WUOC applicants 40-60% of the timeBeat other WUOC applicants 60-80% of the timeBeat other WUOC applicants 80-100% of the time
Physical FitnessWomen: Vdot score less than 45 Men: Vdot score less than 56Women: Vdot score between 45-49 Men: Vdot score between 56-60Women: Vdot score between 50-54 Men:Vdot score between 61-65Women: Vdot score greater than 54 Men: Vdot score greater than 65
Training Volume Less than 5 hours a week of trainingBetween 5-7 hours of training per weekBetween 7-10 hours of training per weekMore than 10 hours a week of training
Training QualityRoughly: 85% running 5% orienteering 5% Cross Training 5% Strength and conditioningRoughly: 75% running 10% orienteering 10% cross training 5% strength and conditioningRoughly: 65% Running 15% orienteering 15% cross training 5% strength and conditioning  Roughly: 55% Running 25% Orienteering 10% Cross training 10% strength and conditioning  
Previous Orienteering ExperienceCompeted: Only in one country with at least 3 race experiences.Competed in: At least one race in another country along with multiple races in the USCompeted in: Large orienteering races such as NAOC, O’Ringen, Jukola, Swiss O Week Etc. Competed either: JWOC, WOC, or WUOC

Current Selection Committee:

Linda Kohn, Erin Schirm, Peggy Dickison

Point of Contact: Linda Kohn

Previous Teams