2018 U.S. Team to World University Orienteering Champs

The Team is ready!

Here is the final WUOC roster:


  • Amanda Johansson - OK Orion (Sweden)
  • Brigitte Bordelon - USMAOC
  • Evalin Brautigaum - WCOC
  • Julia Doubson - BAOC


  • Michael Laraia - MNOC
  • Morten Jorgensen Kristiansand orienteringsklubb, NOR
  • Thomas Laraia - MNOC

Team Leader: Anton Salmenkyla

Note that 3 named team members declined due to conflicts.

The competition starts on Tues, July 17 and runs for 5 days...yes, it is an intense schedule (7 hour time difference):

  • 7/17 Sprint Relay (16:00 Finnish time; 9:00am EDT) - Michael, Julia, Morten, Brigitte
  • 7/18 Middle (10:00 Finnish time; 3:00am EDT) - all
  • 7/19 Sprint (10:00 Finnish time; 3:00am EDT) - all
  • 7/20 Long (9:30; 2:30am EDT) - all
  • 7/21 Relay (10:00 Finnish time; 3:00am EDT) - Morten, Michael, Thomas;  Amanda, Evalin, Julia

Live streaming commentary and results can be found at: https://www.wuoc2018.com/results.html

Click on a photo below for a larger view of each athlete
(L-R: Amanda Johansson, Brigitte Bordelon, Evalin Brautigam, Julia Doubson, Michael Laraia, Thomas Laraia, Morten Jorgensen)


2018 U.S. WUOC Team named

The following have been selected to represent the U.S. at the 2018 World University Orienteering Championships!

The top 3 finishers in the Intercollegiate Varsity Championships held April 28–29, 2018 at Mount Tom, Holyoke, MA, were automatically selected.


  • Michael Laraia - MNOC
  • George "Trey" Grindley - USMAOC
  • Peter Zakrevski - HVO
  • Morten Jorgensen (by petition, based on performance and previous M-21+ results)
  • Thomas Laraia - MNOC (by petition, based upon performance in M-Red at Junior Nationals, and previous M-20 results. )
  • Alternate: Kevin Wolgast - USMAOC


  • Amanda Johansson - OK Orion, Sweden
  • Tyra Christopherson - COC
  • Brigitte Bordelon - USMAOC
  • Evalin Brautigaum - WCOC (by petition, based upon performance in Day 2 Intercollegiate results, and previous F-21+ results).
  • Julia Doubson - BAOC (by petition, based upon performance in ISVF at Junior Nationals, and previous F-21+ and F-20 results)

Follow the team on facebook and AP as they prepare for their trip to Kuortane, Finland on July 17–21!

Additional information about WUOC can be found here: https://www.wuoc2018.com/bulletins.html

posted 5 May 2018

Information regarding the 2018 World University Orienteering Championships July 17–21 is becoming available.  Please read carefully to make sure you are eligible and able to go.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • you are currently officially registered (or have been accepted for admission) as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at the university or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority of their country, or a former student who has obtained an academic degree or diploma in the year 2017.
  • your date of birth is between January 1st, 1993 and December 31st, 2000.
  • you are a full passport-holding citizen of the USA.

The main selection event will be the Junior Nationals at Mt. Tom in Massachusetts on April 28–29.  By that time you should be able to commit as to whether you will be able to be part of the team.

There will be some cost to you for the event.  Although there was one fundraiser in the fall and one is planned for the spring, this will not be enough to pay for all of the expenses.  Costs are: $335 for entry fees & accreditation; 70 Euros/person/day for accommodations (includes all meals, room and local transport, plan on a minimum of 7 days... 490€ = ~$600).

Currently the WUOC fund has $1,495.  If you have any ideas for fundraising please send them along.

Selection criteria and petition information are available by emailing me. Let me know if you have questions.  I'm looking forward to sending a strong team  to Finland!

—Linda Kohn
wornerkohn [at] gmail [dot] com

posted 11 February 2018