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Orienteering USA National Coaching Certification Program

In the early 1990s Orienteering USA designed a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) to stimulate and guide coaching activity in orienteering, using a grant from the U.S. Olympic Committee.

One of the most lasting effects of any sporting association is the development and training of individuals to teach, coach, and communicate the essentials of that sport to others. Orienteering USA needs to develop a pool of interested and qualified coaches who can introduce the sport to novices and juniors, as well as produce athletes who can move forward into the international arena as elite orienteers. The NCCP prepares individuals to become coaches through educational workshops and clinics, written materials for study, and practical experience. The program's primary goal is to educate people to become coaches, rather than improve their personal performance, although the latter may eventuate from participation in the activities.

There are three orienteering coaching levels:

  • Level 1 involves basic knowledge of coaching and physical conditioning and the ability to communicate the principles of orienteering to newcomers.
  • Level 2 involves an increased knowledge in these areas and the ability to coach competitors to within 25% of the winning times in open age competition. Level 2 coaches can also train Level 1 coaches if they have been qualified as a trainers who can certify others (see the note at the bottom of page 2 of the Level 2 Application)..
  • Level 3 coaches are expected to be able to train Level 2 coaches and coach competitors at the national and international competition levels.

To date, the program has trained about 200 Level 1 coaches. Bob Turbyfill, Orienteering USA Coaching Committee chair, is working to increase the numbers of Level 1 coaches, and to get those already certified more active within their clubs and nationally as well as working on their Level 2 certification. Level 3 certification is for those coaches who have already achieved Level 2.

If you have been coaching orienteers and would like to apply for accreditation, see the certification applications below (Level 2 is for those already accredited at Level 1, Level 3 for those accredited at Level 2). You can right-click your mouse on the desired link and choose Save Target As or Save Link As, or left-click to open the page and then copy it to your computer.

Send completed applications (electronically—see emails below—or by snail mail) to: Bob Turbyfill, 5015 Angel Fish Ct., Waldorf, MD 20603

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Orienteering USA coaching manual – Coaching Orienteering (158 pp), includes dozens of exercises for orienteers of all levels. To order, send your name, address, and $14.50 ($12.00 + $2.50 shipping/handling) to United States Orienteering Federation, c/o Mike Minium (mikeminium [at] aol [dot] com), 6797 Stillwell-Beckett Rd., Oxford, OH 45056-8870.

Note: The Orienteering USA Coaching Manual is NOT an introduction to orienteering. It is a reference for the coach who is trying to prepare his/her team for a higher level of orienteering competition.

For other excellent teaching publications, see Print Materials in the New to Orienteering section.

Orienteering USA Coaching Committee Members

Bob Turbyfill, Chair: (301) 705-7541, [bob.turbyfill [at] live [dot] com]
Janet Porter: (215) 679-7829, [jbporter71 [at] gmail [dot] com]
Rick Worner: (585) 581-2979, [wornerkohn [at] aol [dot] com]