Certified Orienteering Coaches

The following coaches have completed the requirements for Level 1 Coaching Certification, as described in the Orienteering USA Coaching Manual. They have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and coaching expertise through workshops and clinics to earn Level 2 Coaching Certification, and eventually Level 3 Certification. Those who have already reached Level 2 or 3 are so indicated. NOTE: You must be certified at Level 1 before proceeding to Level 2.

To send e-mail to a coach, copy the information in the table following that coach's name into your e-mail window in the following format: address @ domain . extension .

SafeSport Training for Coaches

All certified coaches listed below have completed the SafeSport safety training process. Coaches receiving certification at any level need to obtain this additional training to be recognized as Orienteering USA-recognized certified coaches. See Reminder below.

If you have completed the SafeSport training but have not sent a copy of your certificate to Bob Turbyfill, please do so as soon as possible.

Certified Coaches, if you would like to be contacted re: coaching, check that your e-mail contact information below is up to date. Please advise the webmaster of any additions, changes, or corrections to this list. [usofweb [at] gmail [dot] com]

If you received coaching certification and SafeSport training, but do not see your name on the list, contact Robert Turbyfill (address below) to be added.

Orienteering USA-Recognized
Certified Coaches
as of December 15, 2017

Coach Name Level Club AddressDomainExtension
Adler, David1 dbadlerfpcsedu
Allyn, Joshua1USMAOCJoshua.Allynusmaedu
Breseman, Kelsey1COCeobresemangmailcom
Breseman, Eileen and Rick2COCeobresemangmailcom
Bridges, Carl1NTOAcarl.bridgeswritemecom
Burns, Jeff1ICOjeffburnshomeorg
Campbell, Jon2QOCcmpblljgmailcom
Campbell, Victoria2QOCvjhcampbellgmailcom
Childs, Ethan1GMOCechildsuvmedu
Ciza III, Joseph1VOCcizaearthlinknet
Davis, Ann1COCanndavcomcastnet
Dekany, Sue1LAOCapple_pisyahoocom
Dickey, Michael1QOCmcdickeygmailcom
DiPalma, Jett1USMAOCJett.Dipalmausmaedu
Durand, Clare2LAOCclaredurandgmailcom
Ferguson, Charles2GAOCUSOFRNRcoxnet
Ferguson, William1HVOwbf3rdgmailcom
Fluegel, Donna1WCOCfluegeldonnasbcglobalnet
Fong, Theodore1USMAOCtheodore.fongusmaedu
Forgrave, Becky1COCforgrave.beckygmailcom
Forgrave, Bob1COCbobforgravenet
Frost, Bob1GAOCbob.a.frostgmailcom
Gardner, Edward Clai1HOCCLAICIORhotmailcom
Genovesi, Mary Lynn1NTOAmgenovesialum.cox.smuedu
Gilbert, Timothy1CVOCtim_gilberthotmailcom
Gillespie, Andrew1QOCandrewgillespie91yahoocom
Gillespie, Jeremy1QOCjeremy.gillespielcpsorg
Glowacki, Samantha1MNOCsglowacgmailcom
Grove, Devon1COCdevon.grovehotmailcom
Grove, Jeff1COCdevon.grovehotmailcom
Hamilton, Eric1EMPOejh.bkhjunocom
Hann, Jay2BAOCjay_hannsbcglobalnet
Haselfeld, Glenn1GPHXOglenn-dianneQcom
Hook-Klassen, Sylvia1ROCsylviaklassengmailcom
Humiston, Deborah1UNOdlhumistongmailcom
Kohn, Linda1ROCwornerkohnaolcom
Langton, Bill1SLOCbill.langtongmailcom
Laughlin, Jordan1CSUjordan.laughlingmailcom
Linardi, TJ1COKtj.linardiverizonnet
Minium, Michael1OCINmikeminiumaolcom
Minto, Robert1ICOrobmintohomegmailcom
Moore, Patrick1GAOC   
Muench, Carl1QOCmuenchcfumaorg
Neuburger, Richard1PTOCrneuburgergmailcom
Nuss, Patrick1OKpatricknusshotmailcom
O'Conor, Daniel1USMAOCDaniel.O'conorusmaedu
Paul, Edgar1OLOUedgar.pauldaviess.kyschoolsus
Pheiffer, Matthew1At Largemattpheiffergmailcom
Putnam, Bob1FLOnoizmanbobaolcom
Rabalais, Morgan1USMAOCMorgan.Rabalaisusmaedu
Ratermann, Joseph1OCINj.ratermannlehmancatholiccom
Rodrigues, Michael1QOCmichael.rodriguesfcpsorg
Roecks, Marissa1COCmbrtigressgmailcom
Saeger, Jeff2NEOCrunwld2junocom
Schirm, Erin (Junior Team Coach)1CNYOerinschirmgmailcom
Schneider, Andrea Ingrid1MNOCandrea.i.schneidersbcglobalnet
Schuh, Michael2COCschuhfarmdalecom
Shannonhouse, Robin2GAOCrshannonhousecharternet
Shannonhouse, Steven1GAOCsshannonhousecharternet
Sitarz, Hans1USMAOCHans.Sitarzusmaedu
Spencer, Albert1COCdobbyjrcomcastnet
Spencer, Danielle & P.Joseph1COCspencer-daniellecomcastnet
Talley, Alexander1HOCactalleyjunocom
Teschendorf, Kevin1BGRkdteschendorfgmailcom
Ticknor, Robert1At Largej2b4aolcom
Turbyfill, Robert2QOCbob.turbyfilllivecom
Tylock, Steven1ROCstylockgmailcom
Ufnar, Zachary1QOCzufnargmailcom
Whelen, Tracy1COCycartwhelengmailcom
Woods, Michael1QOCikelw2gmailcom
Yost, Daryl1GPHXOdyostphoenixunionorg
Young, Alan1HVOayoungcrestroncom


The list of recognized certified coaches is shown above. This list does not include anyone who has not completed the SafeSport Training.  All coaches previously listed on the web site who have NOT completed the training have been removed and their certificate in no longer recognized as valid by the Federation.

We have retained all records of coaches who were previously certified, and they may regain their certification recognition by completing the training and sending a copy of the SafeSport certificate to Bob Turbyfill electronically in a pdf format. He will make sure they are included on the list of Federation-Recognized Certified Coaches.

From this point forward anyone who wishes to certify as a OUSA coach at any level must show proof of having taken the SafeSport course before they will be issued a certificate. All coaches must complete the SafeSport Training to be recognized by Orienteering USA.