Educational Materials and Resources

From Sweden:

From the place of origin of the sport of orienteering (Scandinavia), we now have access in English to a collection of great booklets with information and exercises to help learn, teach, and coach orienteering.

From Orienteering USA:

There are materials across the Orienteering USA website that can be helpful to youth leaders, Scout leaders, coaches and educators of all kinds teaching the sport.

Orienteering 1-2-3

Orienteering 1-2-3 is a fun article aimed at newcomers to the sport.

Orienteering for the Young

Orienteering for the Young is an update of the original booklet by James Baker, first published in 1990. It is a guide for adults teaching orienteering to children, and is a useful review for young-at-heart newcomers to the sport.

Lesson Plans and Strategies


Want to engage juniors with fun orienteering games? Check out the ones described in this document, including Go4Orienteering, the Orienteering Games booklet from Orienteering Queensland (Australia), BOF school games, and O-in-a-Box (from South Africa). You can also find games and activities in our resource for teachers, Orienteering and Map Games for Teachers


You'll find a complete list of orienteering publications in New to O.

The 2013 Junior Orienteering Yearbook includes useful information for youth leaders, coaches, educators, including a physical training handbook, the Junior Standing Team application, JWOC information, etc. To purchase, use one of the links below:


See the JROTC section for the Orienteering Training Manual compiled by LCDR Matthew Pheiffer.

The Scouts section includes a link to a lesson plan that supports earning the Boy Scout orienteering merit badge.


A variety of learning videos can be found on our Videos page.

O.MOV video shows the excitement of orienteeringO.MOV, filmed at three meets in Fall 2002, is a fast-paced video which captures the emotion of orienteering. Created by Art Bonanno and Chris Cassone, it features the young energy of the juniors, as well as the broader community. Eight and one-half minutes long (a bit dated as it does not include references to electronic punching, but otherwise a fun look at the sport).  >>


Find links to websites of interest to both aspiring and experienced orienteers in the Resources section.